How much food could a food cook, cook if a food cook, could cook, food?

Yeah, about that post title…I just went there!

Quick update. I have made all of these things in the last HOUR:

Cookies for some of my students

Had some organic potatoes going bad so..potato skins with cheese and bacon

Had to use up the middles of the potatoes. Obviously: hashbrowns!

Dinner Pizza!

And…Sangria for a party! My best Sangria to date.

The kitchen is only like a million degrees right now! I am hiding until the oven cools off.


Whats the difference between homefries and hasbrowns? What would you call the above?

-I think they are hasbrowns.  Maybe.  



Which do you prefer: red sangria or white sangria? I refuse to ask if you like sangria in general (because I am trying to believe there are people out there who dont!)

-Red for sure!  It is my summer beverage of choice!



5 responses

  1. I have GOT to do The Courtney Sangria Recipe this summer! Maybe for the 4th….

    I’ve decided The Cheesecake Factory has a better one then Not Your Average Joe’s when I order on out. 🙂

  2. I like red sangria most of the time… white can be too sweet! And I think your potatoes are hashbrowns. To me, home fries are the little cubes of potatoes, and shredded or mashed types are hashbrowns.

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