Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

How you can tell it’s the end of the school year.  This was my school bag when I got to work this morning:

Nothing in it but lunch and water!!  No work to take home at this point…pretty awesome.  In other work new, I am really putting all my eggs in one basket, because boy do I love my job! Everyone send me good thoughts, por favor!

Last night I saw an entry for Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls on Iowa Girl Eats’ blog. I knew I had to make them today. This afternoon, I hit the grocery store right after work and got everything I would need:


But, unlike IGE, I went the easy route and bought a rotisserie (it took me 3 tries to spell that word right) chicken already cooked from the grocery store!

Things I had never done, prior to making these:

1) Made egg rolls of any kind.
2) Bought Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
3) Made my own buffalo chicken (this one blows my mind because PW and I both love buffalo chicken…why did I postpone this?!)

So without further ado, nor words, heres the process and the result!

I added sharp cheddar cheese to the recipe, and fried them (instead of baking) according to the directions included with the egg roll wrappers. However, I did make a couple for PW with no cheese, no ranch, and baked instead of fried and he assured me they were delicious.

Seriously guys, these were the bomb dot com!! SOOOO good. Quick and easy, as well–way less intensive than I anticipated!!! I’d recommend them to anyone. In fact, I think I may make them for the end of the year party for my coworkers to enjoy!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain HOCKEY GAME TO WATCH!!! PW is super into it…random fact about him: before triathlon, he had played hockey for almost his whole life. From what I hear, he was pretty darn good too. Yep, I married into a hockey family!!


3 responses

  1. those look soooooo goooood.. and please tell me PW likes cheddar cheese, the ranch on the other hand I can understand… :oP hehehe

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