Ole! A Bridal Shower

I woke up this morning and spent 3 hours messing around on my iPad (downloading amazing apps–anyone interested on an iPad and iPod/apps post?) and watching tv on it! Love that thing.

Then, I went to a bridal shower at 1pm–they are getting married down the Cape and their honeymoon is in Mexico, so it was a dual themed party!  The party was for one of PW’s cousins (my cousin-in-law?), and this family is known for their cooking.  I knew it would be a tasty fiesta!

There were ocean themed centerpieces:



Bridal Shower games (shown: gift bingo!)






Dinner was a chicken/broccoli/pasta dish, chicken piccata, roasted vegetables, rice, and caesar salad.  SO YUM!



But dessert was where it was at!

We started with a chocolate fountain:

With marshmallows, fruit, and the most AMAZING frozen creampuffs to dip in it!



And then there were cupcakes…I went vanilla/vanilla, Dawn went chocolate/vanilla!



Then they brought out the big guns–FRIED ICE CREAM! If you know me at all, you know I had to be right in the middle of that! I had never seen this done before. Heck–Ive never seen a fryer so big! They took scoops of ice cream and dipped them in frosted flakes/coconut/cinnamon, then froze them. And dropped them in the fryer to make them even more delicious! they were a hit, of course!



And ready for consumption!!!


So good! She had a ton of presents (must have an awesome family 🙂 ), so we didnt get home until 5:30! I quickly whipped up some baked chicken for PW and I and postponed my run until tomorrow. So post school I am in for 80 minutes!!  Off to pack up my lunch and get ready for tomorrow!


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