A lot to catch up on! Runs…Relay for Life….

I have been away for oh so long! 4 days?! Where do I begin? Well, on Wednesday night, we went out to dinner with Justin and
Meg. We started with the hummus, which Meg was kind enough to model…

We also played trivia there during dinner, which we were NOT good at! The highlights of trivia?

1. The clue…”a 1990 movie about an uncommonly gentle man” Justin was the only person in the place to get this one: Edward Scissorhands!
2. The man playing by himself at the table next to us…he had a vuvuzela and his team name was “My Weiner has a first name, its A-N-T-H-O-N-Y”. ha! (Reference: Weinergate)

Thursday involved some crazy storms up in here, ever since the tornado(s), Massachusetts people have been super conscious of the weather. Here is the cold front moving in, and you better believe I was freaking out about how ominous it looked!

Yesterday was Relay for Life. Started with dinner with my dad (who was home from FL for the weekend), PW, my brother, and 2 of my dads friends, at LongHorn. Delicious! Then I headed over to Ghiloni Park for the Relay. There were a LOT of people there…here are SOME of the tents!!!

There were theme laps, one was a silent lap where we walked with candles in remembrance of the people lost to cancer:

There was Zumba:

(Thats one of my teammates, by the way, awesome shirt right?!)

And the highlight of my night were these girls:

They walked in front of me for a whole lap and I was literally crying from laughing so hard. When I went to take a picture with them, they consulted and told eachother to “look mean” (like I guess sumo wrestlers are??) in the picture. They were awesome!!

This is also week 1 of marathon training. So far I have:
-50 minute run
-45 minute run
-6 miles walking at Relay for Life

I cam counting the Relay as my recovery runs, as I would have only had 4 miles (or less) doing those. I have a 35 minute run today, and an 80 minute run tomorrow!

Okay, time for me to go finish painting the dining room. Yay Saturdays!!!


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