ThatRunnerChick at age 14

Saturday night I went to the Flying Rhino with some friends. PW was in New Hampshire doing the Mooseman Half Ironman, and I was staying home so I could attend graduation. The place looked nice, the menu looked gourmet, and they had PomPom Magaritas. Sold! Or not. You see, my friend and I ordered the White Rhino to split:

Sounds good right? Not so much. Cranberry mustard = WASABI! My nose was killing me, it almost felt like I had gotten water up my nose. I felt like this:

Other than that fiery sauce, the sandwich was good. Mostly because it had bacon.

Going to prom on Friday made me reminiscent of my high school dance days. So I scavenged up a picture of me at my very first semi-formal. I went on a double date with my date Chris, my best friend at the time Jackie and her friend Dave. Don’t Jackie and Dave look like they are about to go on a yacht? Her and I were 14 at the time, and boy do we look it. Feel free to mock my hair. And the picture of my family above the fireplace!

(I cannot believe I just posted that!!!)

In remaining news, marathon training begins tomorrow. TOMORROW! True to form, I waited until I started training and registered for this TODAY:

Alright, this has been a crazy day, now its time to watch the Bruins game with the sister-in-law!!


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    • I got it too!! Unfortunately, that GroupOn or Schmoopie or whatever it was called, sold out in an hour! By the time I got to read my email during my prep at 10am, it was GONE! Such a bummer!

  1. Regardless of how many times I look at this photo, I’m amazed at how horrendous all of us look. When was it EVER a good idea to go to a prom dressed like faux rich people taking out their yacht?

  2. I actually think you all look good! You need to see prom pics from the 80s… now that will make you feel good about your pics. My first prom I wore something light blue and cupcakish…. I looked kinda like a Disney princess, only fatter and with zits, and with really ugly white pumps.
    We missed you at Moose! 😦

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