A Day of Ups and Downs!

Thanks for all your votes!  Including twitter, here was the tally:

A: 6
B: 3 (one of those from a fellow teacher 🙂 )
C: 5

“A” was my favorite, it was very “Snooki-esque”, however not matronly enough to chaperone a high school dance. So, I went with dress B! I figured I could actually teach in it too, so its a multi-use dress.

And yes, I do look shocked in the above picture!

So, in case you didnt know, today is Free Donut Day at Dunkin Donuts. You better believe I was there at 6:50am this morning. As I drove away from the drive-thru, enjoying my chocolate frosted and medium hot coffee, I realized they had charged me for the donut. Darn! So I will be stopping by there tonight for an .89 cent REFUND! I didnt realize this event was foreshadowing to the next 3 hours of my life.

You see, as I continued to drive to school, I had an incident. You know those small birds that are always traveling in pairs? They look like theyre teasing eachother, playing around and flying back and forth? Well, I saw one die today.

A pair flew in front of my car, narrowly missing the Prius. But then a car coming in the opposite direction hit the second one. And it as RIGHT next to my open drivers side window. I heard the thump, knew what happened, and then looked in my rearview mirror and saw it rolling across the ground. 😦

I cried the whole way to school, through homeroom and first period thinking about the first bird and how it must miss the one that got hit by the car! AND my coworkers made fun of me for crying!!!

I wasnt prepared when I read a letter from a student that set me off again. Man alive I was emotional!

Then…something happened. A miracle if you will. My coworkers and I had planning to have Chipotle for lunch today for…3 weeks. We planned our order, put up our money, and at 11:30 am lunch arrived. I got my usual chicken burrito as well as chips and guacamole. I was sort of bummed from the events from my morning–donut charge, bird death, letter. Then, while handing out burritos it was discovered–there were TWO “Courtney” burritos!!! YESSSSS. They had made two! Come to find out, an awesome kid who graduated was the one who made them, and saw where they were going. He didnt know he was making my day, but he totally did.

I mowed down on the first burrito, and now I have this in the fridge waiting for me tomorrow:

And I once again look like my usual happy-go-lucky self again. Back to looking similar to this, all the time. Well except I am a person and this is a dog. But same facial expression!

Alright, off to the dance!


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