Prom Dress Shopping!

I went prom dress shopping today, but not the kind I did 11 years ago!  This was to find a cocktail dress suitable to chaperone a prom in!  I tried on quite a few, and took pictures in three.  I thought it would be fun to take a vote on which one I picked!

Dress A:


Dress B:


Dress C:


Yes, I am aware how fetching my bright red Toms are  with these dresses.  They look so good, maybe Ill wear them to the dance…..or not!

Leave a comment with which dress you think I picked…A, B. or C.  Ill update tomorrow with a live action picture 🙂


13 responses

  1. I like A best (if your school is cool with strapless)!

    A bunch of our kids did a “Toms Prom Pact” last year… they all wore Toms to prom with their tuxes/gowns. It was a really cool way to create awareness.

  2. I think C is fun and you can use it again. A is great but it’s not your prom. I bit too sexy, ha ha. Of course B is just a lbd, but you look great in all. Hmmmm, I pick C. Have fun!

  3. So, just in case you were wondering who “ianlax” is…Anne Perry here! I guess its the name I used on my son’s school lacrosse blog!

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