Tornado in Massachusetts

Well, it really happened. After I posted that last entry I started paying a little more attention to the weather. You see, because a tornado touched down in Springfield! The pictures/videos had the proper effect on me–I was terrified. So I turned on the news with live doppler and saw this:

Yep this was really happening! Peaked outside as the dark clouds rolled in…

And then, all of a sudden it got super dark. 4pm, all the windows were open, but this is how dark it was:

Some thunder and lightning, then it started lightening up outside which is what scared me. Then we heard on the news–funnel cloud spotted a couple of miles away. Into the basement we went! Leashed up the dogs, brought the computer down to watch the live news, and tweeted my heart out. (Thanks to all my twitter friends, by the way!). As soon as it started, it was over. We were lucky. But a lot of people werent. These pictures are from Springfield and Westfield, courtesy of WCVB. Again, we are used to ice and snow. To have a tornado go through such a populated area is unheard around here.

And these pictures, courtesy of Twitter and WHDH!

The damage sounds pretty horrific out there. 150mph winds, trees uprooted, cars thrown (with people in them), houses flattened. And the tornado warnings are not over, they just keep coming!

Stay safe, everyone!


3 responses

  1. I’ve been glued to the TV since I got home at 5…. so crazy! Luckily we have been okay here so far, but there is still some warnings out there. Glad to hear you have been lucky so far!

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