Keep on runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’

Crazy weather going on all across the country lately.  We are currently in a tornado warning–in Massachusetts!  It sounds crazy, as we are known for snowstorms not thunderstorms, but actually back in 1953 there was an F5 Tornado that totally wiped out Central MA.  So I am going to make this entry as quick as possible just in case I need to grab the dogs and head into the basement!!

So Monday was Memorial Day and was a perfect day for catching up on my To-Do List!  I was able to complete everything on it except for my bike ride, before noon.  When PW got home from his first open water swim of the year, we headed out on the bike.  He had to do a recovery ride–which would be the perfect speed for me, his wife who has ridden outside about once in the past 912 days!!  This is crazy to think about but, it was actually our first ride together in 4 years, too.  PW has gotten way too fast for me (consistency pays off!).  But, a bike ride was actually our second date (6 years ago this month!).  The ride was great, and now I cannot wait to get out there again.  The plan WAS to go today but this tornado warning is smushing that idea!

I made plans on Monday to run with Meg on Tuesday.  It was to be my first run back after the relay!  I knew I had to commit a day before, otherwise I wouldnt do it.  I am always so tired after the first day back at work post-long weekend!  We made plans to run 30 minutes at 4pm.  It was haht.  Like super, super hot and muggy.  And oh, there was that pesky little problem of not having run for 1.5 weeks!  We barreled through it though, and it was nice to catch up!

Got home and immediately got ready to meet our friend Ethan for dinner at the BBC in Westford (again!). I love that place! The menu is enormous…so of course its a favorite place! My friend J ended up coming with us too, and she and I laughed for the ENTIRE time about mispronouncing Biology words. That, my friends, is how you know you are a true nerd. We were crying from laughing so hard about saying “Endoplasmic Reticulum” wrong! Dinner was fun! It was good to catch up with Ethan too, we havent seen him since we all met up on our respective trips to Florida! Hopefully he will make it back out here for his birthday this weekend. Tried to take a picture of me and the fella’s but….as J told us, we all look like vampires!

Take 1:

Then, Ethan tried to combat the vampireness by closing his eyes. And I took my smile to a whole new level.

I know, I look superimposed in that second picture. And extremely short. No need to point it out 😉

I think I will try and get on the bike on the trainer tonight, post storms, to try and get into the habit of working out every day again.

Side note: Does anyone else have a Daily Mile account? Feel free to add me on there! You can find me by my twitter handle: @thatrunnerchick


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