First Day (Again) of Summer Vacation

Considering I have been traveling since Thursday, it hasnt really felt like summer vacation yet.  Until today!  Today I leisurely got up, read some blogs, ate some yogurt, went for a 50 minute run, hung out some more, ran around with the dogs, and then mowed the lawn.  Good day, indeed!

But, to backtrack.  Yesterday morning we picked up the dogs from the kennel.  This place is like Club Med to them– they get to run around in a huge grassy field with a bunch of gigantic dogs–heaven for them!  They are big dogs at heart, after all.  We picked them up, brought them home, and they proceeded to spend the rest of the day like this:

And can I blame them?  No!  Because I took two separate naps yesterday as well!  Traveling always tuckers me out and the extra sleep was so needed!

After all the rounds of naps, it was time for a going away party.  My mentor/friend/guy I have known since I was in high school (!!) is moving on to a different job next year.  We had a sort of surprise, impromptu get together with a few people from the department to say farewell.  This place looked like Hogwarts, no joke.  I seriously expected the people in the paintings to start talking to me!

(yes, that picture is entitled ambiance!)

There was also a live jazz band in on the red velvet stage (not the best lighting for iPhone pictures!)

I had the privilege of enjoying AUTHENTIC german noodles with gravy while there too…they were pretty good!  And only five dollars, what a steal.

Easing back into the nothinggoingonbuttraining mode with another run and a bike ride tomorrow!!



Ironman Coeur d’Alene Race Reports are starting to be posted….you can find PW’s here and Doug’s here. Also, my good friend Ethan recently won his first Continental Cup (ITU)–Coteau-du-lac, you can find his race report here!


Ironman Coeur d’Alene Race (Spectator) Report

I am writing this from the Delta Sky Club in the Minnesota airport…still getting over my race hangover!
So, another Ironman over! PW completed the race. And I successfully maintained my streak of being unable to walk after watching/sherpa-ing the race all day! I apologize for the lack of GOOD pictures, I used my phone because I knew the Kropelnickis would other ones!

We got up early…3:15am. They had their race morning breakfast while I laid in bed complaining it was too early. I dropped them (PW and Chuck–my charges for the weekend), then returned to our hotel and carpooled to the race with PWs fam. We got there just in the nick of time to see him before the race start.

Ironman starts are something to behold. There is so much excitement/nervousness/tension/fear in the air. People have worked for months for something that is going to begin in seconds! When the gun goes off it is a culmination of all of that

So as my husband was swimming In 54 degree water, I was moseying around, chatting with Chrissie and playing with Colin (Baby Krops). After what seemed like an eternity (and was really only 58 minutes for Pdubs), they started coming out of the water one by one. Here’s an iPhone picture of PW finishing the first out and back.

We had prime real estate for the bike and were able to see all 24 of the QT2ers 4 times each! When they started their second loop, we headed over to The Pita Pit for lunch. I’ve never been to one before, but I fell in love the second I saw their menu!! Colin had his own wrap—avocado with turkey. Adorable, right? Here’s mine–turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon. The same thing I always get (I got it at to Quiznos today at the Spokane airport as well!)

Headed back to watch the start of the run. I had awesome support on Twitter and through texts with live race time updates (shout out to Paul M in particular! You all might remember him as the guy who is always in a speedo when I post pictures of him…) so I knew Pat had biked a 5:15 and would be on his way out soon.
Since the pro’s had a 35 minute head start I knew I would get to cheer for Tim and Cait first. Here is Cait on her first loop of the run:

My only job for the WHOLE DAY was to count how many amateur people had passed and give that number, as well as time splits to the first place amateur, to PW and Doug. Pat started the run as 19th place amateur, 19 minutes down from first place. AND the first two OVERALL amateurs were in his age group (25-29). I wasn’t scared though, the run is his thing and I knew he’d be all over this part of the race. And I was right-the next time I saw him (around mile 13) he had moved up to 6th place amateur, 7 minutes back (that’s 13 spots and 12 minutes!). He looked strong so I crossed my fingers and we headed to the finish line to watch them come in.

There were about 2500 people in the race, total. Tim came across first-he was 6th place overall. Then Cait, she was 2nd woman overall. Then the non-professionals started coming (remember there was a 35 minute head start?). Doug was the first amateur to cross the line–he is a friend of ours and a a QT2er so we were psyched for him! PW was fourth amateur overall. He had run down 3 more people in the second half of the marathon! He actually finished as 15th person across the line (including pro’s) and won the 25-29 age group’ securing him a Kona spot for the third year in a row.

We hung out to see all our friends finish then headed out to a late dinner. I consumed this delicious Huckleberry Lemonade (I don’t know what a Huckleberry is but the puree was all that and a bag of chips!)

Hit the hay pretty hard that night but awoke early to head down for Kona slot pickup/roll down/breakfast/awards. After signing away $675 for the World Championship slot we headed over to breakfast with some of the teammates. Then back to the host hotel for the awards ceremony. Here are a few (crappy) awards pictures. Again, I’ll post better ones of all of these when I get them!

Had a cookout last night and then woke up early this morning to squeeze in a run before driving out to the Spokane airport to catch our flight! Flew from Spokane to Minnesota (where we are now) and watched a few tv shows on the ol’ iPad on he flight (did I mention I love this thing??)

PW is writing his race report now–I’ll make sure to let you know when he updates ,his blog with it!
Last picture (and highlight of the race?) this King of the Hill dog just riding around on the trailer of a bike:

Off to Boston we go!

Pre-Race Dinner with some Teammates and the Fam, and a Great Harvest appetizer!

I figured I would update about dinner last night while everyone else is awakenand slurping down their applesauce.

Yesterday, my SIL Dawn visited the local Great Harvest Bread Company. It is an awesome place we have read about many times on the KERF Blog (they one of the franchises). She got a loaf of the famous cinnamon chip! We literally broke break (ripped chunks off with our hands) and ate it in their hotel room :

It was delicious, of course!

We hung out until it was time for dinner then headed to Tomato Street, a cute litle Italian place downtown. I checked in (for 8 of us!) and this was the name she told me she would call when our table was ready:

I hung out with these handsome fellas while we waited for our table (Duffy, PW, Charlie…all racing today!)

We were called in and I was very excited to see they had butcher paper and crayons on every table for us to draw on. It’s the little things, guys! I of course, immediately plugged the blog (so to our waitress if youre reading this: thanks!)

And then played a rousing game of lines with Nick. After I made him factor, of course. Don’t worry, he remembered how to do it!

Alright, the applesauce is done. I am going to get ready to drop the guys off at transition! Check in on me on twitter (@thatrunnerchick)…and I’ll check back in back here late tonight or early tomorrow morning!

Idaho? You da ho!

Yeah, I went there with that post title. I’ve heard that joke a lot in the past few months!

So, yesterday I hustled around, packed, and dropped off our dogs at the kennel (who is the only person in the entire world I trust to not let our 7 pound dogs escape–Elaine is the best!! Email me if you want her info)

Here is Kona on the drive to Easton–

Got to Logan (airport for you non-Bostonites) and got front row due to these awesome signs:

Flew through checkin and security (I only had one carry on–no checked baggage! Boy am I efficient!), only to find out our first flight was delayed due to the weather.
2.5 hours spent reading (and finishing) “Picture of You” and “The Things They Carried” with this view:

Uneventful flights, other than the 12 year old girl puking in the seat behind me. Read the entire flight, landed in Denver after 4 hours:

And then Spokane after another 2!

A quick 30 minute drive and we were finally in Coeur d’Alene!! It was 12am local time, but felt like 3 am to me. I fell into bed, but woke up early because it was time for the infamous BREAKFAST! QT2 had 35 people at the local IHOP this morning. The chaos before food:

We all sat down and got right to business. I was at a table with PW, Charlie, Duffy, and Logan. This is what they ALL got:

There was hardly any room left on the table for my eggs whites, fruit, and hash browns! Not sure how everyone else’s breakfast went, but I know there wasnt a single crumb left on a plate at our table!!

Came back to the room (we are rooming with Chuck! Nonstop laughfest, I tell ya!) And I tried to watch an episode of Combat Hospital on the iPad but promptly fell asleep for TWO HOURS! Why is travel soooo draining?,

I am heading off for a run this afternoon (it’s only 3:30 here–it’s like having an extra 3 hours in my day!) and then it is time for the pre-race dinner!

I will be updating live with race updates on twitter tomorrow….follow me if you’re interested….@thatrunnerchick

Over and out until tomorrow night!

First Day of Summer Vacation!!

I wish our culture celebrated occasions with dance and music instead of FOOD!  Yesterday was the last day of the school year (making this the first day of summer vacation!), and the whole week has been one of food food food!  Wednesday, the school bought us lunch.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs but I skipped that and went right for…what I always go for!

Then I cut PWs hair and helped him get ready for  IM CDA…he flew out yesterday!  Got bored and dyed my hair a Jersey Shore-esque color:


That picture was taken on my phone at 4:45 am by the way.  Why so early?  I dropped off PW at the airport for 4:30 (we were up at 3am!) then traveled back in for a breakfast with some friends (again: last day of school) for 6.  It was delicious!


Lunch was, again, ridiculous.  We ordered out Chipotle and the whole department got it and ate together.  It was DELICIOUS!

After school: end of the year party.  All the faculty go and we all bring food, as well as have a sit down dinner or chicken/steak/lobster.  I somehow managed to eat AGAIN (I had been eating every 3 hours at this point).  My favorite part though?

Grilled pineapple with butter and cinnamon.  It sounds unconventional but its delicious!


Now I am running around like a madwoman trying to pack for my flight out to Idaho this afternoon.  Waiting til the last minute to pack 🙂  Also have to pack for and get dogs to their kennel (vacation for them) on the way!

Looking forward to doing NOTHING on the plane to the Big Race!! Ill update when I get there…updates on Twitter as well!!

30 miles almost killed me!

A few days to catch up on!  Friday was our department’s end of the year party.  It started at 4, so we hung out until then after school and then headed over.  It was SUPER fun, with a lot of good food.

For instance, black bean and corn salsa:

“White Trash”, or “Sinfully Delicious Cheerio Thing”, whatever you want to call it:

And an eclair cake!

There was also a ton of fruit, pulled chicken, chips and dip, chicken kabobs, burgers…basically everything you would want at a party!  I brought sangria, and it was a hit!

There was a trampoline , too.  Which was the center of all fun for a good 3 hours.  I havent been on a trampoline in so long, but now I want one in my backyward.  And to invite all my math friends over to jump on it with me!

After that good time, I was reluctant to wake up early on Saturday to ride, but I pushed through.  And delayed the ride an hour 🙂 I had a healthy breakfast of yogurt and fruit (dont worry, I had ice cream post-ride to even it out):

And then Chloe enjoyed the remnants of yogurt in the container for her own breakfast-dessert:

So, Meg and I went out for a 2 hour jaunt. She had preplanned the route and it ended up being about 31 miles. That is an average speed of 15.4 miles per hour, people! That means, with 2700 feet of climbing, that I barely survived!! I pushed through (pretty sure Meg was not even working hard as I was anaerobic for the WHOLE THING!) and then took a 2 hour nap!!

Then it was time for dinner. PWs parents were coming up from the South Shore and we were convening with them and his sister and her boyfriend at their house for dinner! We arrived, and made ourselves right at home:

We ate grilled chicken, veggies, and potato salad. Then I demolished this, a homemade peanut butter cup. It was HEAVEN!

Then we came back to our house and all the dogs (they had brought their yellow lab too!) had a running fiesta in the back yard.

Now I am up and at ’em to get a run in and make cookies before a Fathers Day Celebrating for my Grandpa.

Speaking of which…

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad! The best dad around…a great father, a hard worker, a veteran, a triathlete…and he builds kit cars in his spare time!

How much food could a food cook, cook if a food cook, could cook, food?

Yeah, about that post title…I just went there!

Quick update. I have made all of these things in the last HOUR:

Cookies for some of my students

Had some organic potatoes going bad so..potato skins with cheese and bacon

Had to use up the middles of the potatoes. Obviously: hashbrowns!

Dinner Pizza!

And…Sangria for a party! My best Sangria to date.

The kitchen is only like a million degrees right now! I am hiding until the oven cools off.


Whats the difference between homefries and hasbrowns? What would you call the above?

-I think they are hasbrowns.  Maybe.  



Which do you prefer: red sangria or white sangria? I refuse to ask if you like sangria in general (because I am trying to believe there are people out there who dont!)

-Red for sure!  It is my summer beverage of choice!


Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

How you can tell it’s the end of the school year.  This was my school bag when I got to work this morning:

Nothing in it but lunch and water!!  No work to take home at this point…pretty awesome.  In other work new, I am really putting all my eggs in one basket, because boy do I love my job! Everyone send me good thoughts, por favor!

Last night I saw an entry for Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls on Iowa Girl Eats’ blog. I knew I had to make them today. This afternoon, I hit the grocery store right after work and got everything I would need:


But, unlike IGE, I went the easy route and bought a rotisserie (it took me 3 tries to spell that word right) chicken already cooked from the grocery store!

Things I had never done, prior to making these:

1) Made egg rolls of any kind.
2) Bought Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
3) Made my own buffalo chicken (this one blows my mind because PW and I both love buffalo chicken…why did I postpone this?!)

So without further ado, nor words, heres the process and the result!

I added sharp cheddar cheese to the recipe, and fried them (instead of baking) according to the directions included with the egg roll wrappers. However, I did make a couple for PW with no cheese, no ranch, and baked instead of fried and he assured me they were delicious.

Seriously guys, these were the bomb dot com!! SOOOO good. Quick and easy, as well–way less intensive than I anticipated!!! I’d recommend them to anyone. In fact, I think I may make them for the end of the year party for my coworkers to enjoy!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain HOCKEY GAME TO WATCH!!! PW is super into it…random fact about him: before triathlon, he had played hockey for almost his whole life. From what I hear, he was pretty darn good too. Yep, I married into a hockey family!!

I ran today.

Yep, I did.  And I am in New England.  After a week of temperatures in the 90’s…today it was 55 and raining.  What the heck, Mother Nature?!  Anyways, I came home from work, passed out on the couch for 35 minutes and finally pulled myself together enough to….go to the gym.  True story!  55 minutes in Zone 1 watching Property Virgins and Bizarre Foods!

Then I proceeded to come home and eat my weight in freeze-pops.  What?  You didnt?

Today I also got a reminder from our epic Relay Run, our team “before” picture!! Look how alert and put together (and non-smelly) we appear to be! Ignore our super natural appearance, it wast the best scanner around!

Just wanted to pop into blog land to let you all know, running is still occuring. If only because I forgot to update Daily Mile last week, and I dont want all my DM friends to think I am slacking 🙂

Thinking about (okay definitely am) making some healthy “game snacks” tomorrow. Have to plan something to bring to our Math End of The Year Extravaganza on Friday, as well. So, Ill be back with a real entry tomorrow: Check back in!

If you’re looking for something else to read tonight…check out PW’s Blog–he updated it with a race report from Mooseman, and his training leading up to Ironman CDA which is next week!!

Oh and PS…Game 7 tomorrow night,

Go Bruins!

Ole! A Bridal Shower

I woke up this morning and spent 3 hours messing around on my iPad (downloading amazing apps–anyone interested on an iPad and iPod/apps post?) and watching tv on it! Love that thing.

Then, I went to a bridal shower at 1pm–they are getting married down the Cape and their honeymoon is in Mexico, so it was a dual themed party!  The party was for one of PW’s cousins (my cousin-in-law?), and this family is known for their cooking.  I knew it would be a tasty fiesta!

There were ocean themed centerpieces:



Bridal Shower games (shown: gift bingo!)






Dinner was a chicken/broccoli/pasta dish, chicken piccata, roasted vegetables, rice, and caesar salad.  SO YUM!



But dessert was where it was at!

We started with a chocolate fountain:

With marshmallows, fruit, and the most AMAZING frozen creampuffs to dip in it!



And then there were cupcakes…I went vanilla/vanilla, Dawn went chocolate/vanilla!



Then they brought out the big guns–FRIED ICE CREAM! If you know me at all, you know I had to be right in the middle of that! I had never seen this done before. Heck–Ive never seen a fryer so big! They took scoops of ice cream and dipped them in frosted flakes/coconut/cinnamon, then froze them. And dropped them in the fryer to make them even more delicious! they were a hit, of course!



And ready for consumption!!!


So good! She had a ton of presents (must have an awesome family 🙂 ), so we didnt get home until 5:30! I quickly whipped up some baked chicken for PW and I and postponed my run until tomorrow. So post school I am in for 80 minutes!!  Off to pack up my lunch and get ready for tomorrow!