My Reach The Beach 2011 Leg Breakdowns….

Sorry about the delay in getting of the details. Some major dramarama going on over here. Not life or death, but a lot of ice cream is being consumed!!!

Anyways, lets do this. My intention going into the race was to go out/average an 8:20 pace for the whole thing.

Leg 1

Friday 4:23pm
7.74 mi, 8:24 mi/min, 65 min total
Avg HR: 178, Max HR: 192

I expected this leg to be flat. I had seen the elevation chart, and knew the end would have a few hills (as it happened to be on my normal running route), but was not expecting MOUNTAINS! Partway through my run, and I was way above LT, shuffling my way up hill. The downhill as nice, but not worth the uphill!

Mile 1: 8:20, HR 174
Mile 2: 8:12, HR 175
Mile 3: 7:27, HR 173
Mile 4: 9:16, HR 181
Mile 5: 8:12, HR 177
Mile 6: 8:17, HR 179
Mile 7: 8:37, HR 182
.74 Mile: 9:05 pace, HR 185

Leg 2

Saturday, 1:08am
6.31 miles, 8:33 min/mi, 54 min total
Avg HR: 174, Max HR: 189

This was my night run. I was terrified. You can tell the first mile I am unsure, turning around a few times because of the fog/dark/mortal fear. (Did you know I am afraid of the dark? No? Well I am. A lot.). Next mile, I ran into a woman and just jogged to stay with someone because it was nice to have another human being. Mile after that, a woman came flying up on me and I started hauling to stay with her and get back in my HR zone/pace. After that, I was around people for the last 3 miles allowing me to settle into a pace!

Mile 1: 8:28, HR 168
Mile 2: 9:36, HR 165
Mile 3: 7:55, HR 179
Mile 4: 8:09, HR 176
Mile 5: 8:59, HR 179
Mile 6: 8:20, HR 178
.31 mile: 8:07 pace, HR: 183

Leg 3

Saturday, 7:18am
11 miles, 8:17 min/mi, 91 min total
Avg HR: 173, Max HR: 187

This was my longest run. I had just awoken from 2 hours of sleep and felt pretty good. I love running in the early morning, so I knew this would be a good one. And I was running on the South Shore, this one in Easton, where I love running. Its farm country out there!! Flat and scenic. Felt good on this run! Better than the first two, thats for sure! You can tell by how long it to took me to get my heart rate up that I was tired though.

Mile 1: 8:11, HR 166
Mile 2: 8:13, HR 167
Mile 3: 8:13, HR 168
Mile 4: 8:18, HR 170
Mile 5: 8:25, HR 171
Mile 6: 8:24, HR 172
Mile 7: 8:29, HR 177
Mile 8: 8:17, HR 180
Mile 9: 8:13, HR 181
Mile 10: 8:22, HR 177
Mile 11: 8:04, HR 181

Leg 4

Saturday, 2:29pm
6.5 miles, 8:12 min/mi, 52 min total
Avg HR: 176, Max HR: 195

Last leg! It ended up–miraculously–breing my quickest! I was sore on this one. My quads were so tight. I felt like I had raced the last 11 miles, which I guess I did! I was worried about this run when I started out. I was hobbling! Luckily, after a mile they loosened up and I felt back to normal. I wanted to run hard this leg, because I kept telling myself to leave it all out there–I was taking a week off after these 6 miles were done! I also had some help the last 3 miles. ESPN guy ran with me and distracted me. And helped me sprint the last half mile! I felt the best on this run pacewise. However, the feeling I had in my legs/brain was very similar to the last 3 miles of the marathon. I held it together and finished strong.

Mile 1: 8:13 HR: 165
Mile 2: 8:02 HR: 172
Mile 3: 8:11 HR: 174
Mile 4: 8:22 HR: 175
Mile 5: 8:15 HR: 180
Mile 6: 8:12 HR: 185
.5 mile: 8:05 pace, HR: 189

Other things that have been going on:

1. Our dryer has been broken for 2 weeks. I literally had no clothes left to wear. Not a single thing. It was too wet to dry them in the house/outside. But PW fixed it today and I am SO EXCITED to be doing 6 loads of laundry (including my RTB clothes!!!)

2. We have had cream cheese in our fridge since I made a cheesecake for my work holiday party in December. Ive been waiting for this race to be over to eat it. On Monday, I made five tiny cheesecakes. And they are now all gone.

I also made my favorite thing: MASHED POTATOES. I make killer mashed potatoes. Perfectly smooth and creamy. And wish chicken gravy (and chicken!). So good!

3. Went out to dinner with some new friends last night. A couple of local triathletes, Catherine and Dave. Went to one of my favorite local restaurants. Went out on a limb with the meal choice–it was just “meh”. Better luck next time!

4. We only have 4 weeks of school left–pretty bummed about this. Summer is great (obviously), but I had pretty awesome kids this year and will be sad to leave them!

5. I still have not run. I may or may not try a quick jog tomorrow. Next week is some easy workouts, and my intention is to get in some bike rides and swims too since I dont have to worry about my runs!! Marathon training starts in 1.5 weeks!

6. Looking forward to Sunday during which I get to see my awesome friends/coworkers complete a 5k after doing Couch to 5k. It is going to be the best!!!!

7. This week off running is been great for productivity. Making real meals. Started painting the dining room (finally)–went with a tan color. Socialized! PW fixed the dryer. I mowed the lawn (on Sunday after the race even!). We fixed the fence (for real, yo. finally). Diminished my to-do list for my Masters application. And now laundry catch up time!!

Alright, I need to go make a PowerPoint. Hope everyones day was great!!


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