Where to begin?

Tomorrow at this time, we will be in the midst of the race! I have all the packing to show to you but I have something even more necessary to get out into the internet first. Last night, PW and I went to meet our friend Mario , who we havent seen in while (he is out in California now, being busy and famous!). We met at Brew City, and Mario brought his friend James. He had never been to our favorite restaurant before. He had never seen the menu before. When he ordered, I thought time had stopped. Not kidding! You see, without prompting, he had ordered The King.

Ive been to the restaurant probably 30 times, and each time, waited for someone to order it. I think I was more excited for it to get to the table than the actual consumer. AND I had already eaten dinner! It arrived, and it was glorious. Everything you think it would be. With their signature round bacon.

Needless to say, it made my day!

Okay now back to the race. Tonight is our pre-race pasta team dinner. I was last to respond to the email about what to bring, so spaghetti/salad/garlic bread/dessert were already taken. I turned to my old standby, the ever delicious That Runner Chick’s Bruschetta. I have since tried a piece, it is ready to go!

Once that was all set, it was time to pack. All week I have been throwing things I thought I would want into a big pile upstairs. I went through all the clothes and sorted everything today:

Then I came down and started sorting my food.
-PowerBar drink
-PowerGels (way overkill on those but better to be safe than sorry!)
-ClifBloks (in case I get sick of gels)
-Peanut Butter and Jelly stuff
-Sour Skittles (what, you dont bring candy to Ultra relay races?!)

I guess that means I am already to go? I had a great day at work today to kick things off–have I mentioned how much I love teaching properties of exponents? Because I do!

I am off to go catch up on blogs and go through my stuff one more time. Pictures to come of the dinner (either tonight or tomorrow before the race!!)


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