The Nitty Gritty Details

With the Relay coming upon us, I have started thinking about my packing list/paces/nutrition for the 24 hours of fun.  I have started to put together a list of things to bring (and things to wash…to find…to buy, etc.)  I reflected back on my Ragnar experience 2 years ago, which was the most fun race of my life.  Here is the video synopsis, if you are interested.  We were an Ultra team that met on Twitter (5 Guys, 1 Girl, 140 characters) and somehow got sponsored by Brooks.

That race went pretty smoothly, so I am taking what I learned from it and applying it to this weekend!

Relay Necessities

-4 changes of run clothes (one for each leg)

-Headlamp/flashlight/reflective vest

-4 plastic grocery bags (to put dirty clothes in after each leg)

-sweatpants/shirt for between legs

-2 pairs running shoes and newspaper to put in them in case of rain

-phone and garmin chargers


-toilet paper, deoderant, toothbrush

-caffeinated soda, money for coffee, a million caffeinated Power Gels

-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bagel, pretzels, a canister of PowerBar Performance

-serious candy

-pillow/blanket (for sleep attempts!)

-camera/iPad to blog from the road!


-COMPRESSION SOCKS!!! (My number one recommendation for someone doing a relay!…well, next to grocery bags for dirty clothes)

Now that thats all typed out I am even more excited!  I am doing my last “long run” today (a split run with a total of 90 minutes!), and then it is taper week, baby!  Today also involves a Bikram yoga class in the afternoon.  And creating  a lesson plan on negative exponents.

Just wanted to check in–back to my Sunday!  Hope you enjoy yours!


3 responses

  1. great ideas! 🙂 Now I remember what I was going to ask you after yoga.. where can I get some compression socks you think? Dick’s you think?

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