A little ditty about my blog (yes, this post ALMOST rhymes with Post #1 today!)

So, my one year blogiversary has come and gone this year (uhh…in March.)  To celebrate, belatedly, I put together a list of the most awesome things people have searched for and got to my blog, and my most popular posts!!

Random (and awesome)

-“math chick pics”
-“harpoon munich dark nutrition”
-“potato dessert” (okay, ew)
-“pink taco demotivational”
-“charger on snowdrift”
-“march 13 2011” “my tights”
-“guy pushing grocery cart”
-“guy running from chick”
-“eating snickers bars after runs”
-“vacuumed it up”
-“tomato festival +speedos”
-“dressed in pom poms
-“just chopped all my hair may 2011”
-“Prius stuck on a hill”
-“Lady smile”
-“People who ankle bones are not connected”

My favorite:
-“no vegetables for ethan but something for courtney’s mom”

(That one was for you Ethan!)

Most popular posts (in order of most views!)

1. How I lost the weight For Good
2. Bay State Marathon Race Report
3. Interview with Pro Triathlete Ethan Brown
4. Run With the Wolves 10k Race Report
5. Hyannis 10k Race Report

Well…I can definitely see a pattern in the type of posts! No patterns in search terms though.


2 responses

  1. Bahahahahah! This one is my favorite – “tomato festival +speedos”! I mean, come on, who wears speedos to a tomato festival? That’s just plain crazy!

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