T-minus 7 days

Last night I was given these:


Wondering what that is? They are the details (including elevation profiles!) of each of ,y legs for the upcoming Reach The Beach! We had our logistics meeting last night, and it appears we are set to go! Wish it was this weekend so we could get started already!

Actually, maybe not. You see, I woke up this morning and could hardly walk. IT was bad last night but got way worse after a night of sleep. Not having done any hard runs in three weeks took it’s toll. I was walking like I ran a marathon, because my quads kept seizing up! Hopefully all the fish oils I took will start some repairin’ tonight!

I meant to post this before, too. When I first started this blog I had a post entitled “Bathroom Help”. We had just bought our house and had no idea what to do with our bathroom. We rigged up a system that worked, but I have been wanting to make improvements for a while.

We have a window….in our shower. When we moved in it had curtains and everything! It was definitely NOT waterproof so we hung up a towel over that part so it wouldn’t get moldy.
A few days ago I went to Home Depotmand bought some Behr paint (love that stuff!), some sandpaper, and some privacy sticky stuff.

I sanded down the window first, it had some cracked paint. I was terrified of lead paint (I know, it’s 2011) so I wore a mask:


Then I did 2 layers of the paint. The color? NUDE! The paint mixer guy was laughing when I said it was for the bathroom. Look how smooth that baby is!


I also installed the privacy screen on the window all by myself. I am most proud of this because my klutzy self had to take a razor blade and measure out the size. And I did so without losing a finger. And now our bathroom looks awesome.

Alright, after that home improvement recap I am off to bed!


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