Oh, right, I have a blog

I have been having a blog issue thispast week. And that issue would be the fact it was a recovery week. For some reason this makes me totally unmotivated to do….anything. So let’s pretend last week didn’t happen, okay friends? Nothing exciting to write about from then anyways.

So since I am changing the time space continuum by deleting last week, this entry will be a bunch of things smushed together.

We’ll start of with this week. Monday I took the day off, as usual. From running, Not work. This is my last week of REAL running before the relay. We are definitely less than two weeks out (OMGOMGOMGOMG!). So anyways, I have 45 miles to fit in. Yesterday I ran 82 minutes with 2 by 15 tempo in the middle, and it was glorious. It had been 3 full weeks since I did any tempo work. I have felt so, so slow lately and this run made me feel better. Maybe it was mental but whatever!

Today is the day of meetings. Two after school, from 2-5. A quick recovery run, and now I am blogging from Panera. Why am I boring you with these details? Because after this blog entry, I am heading to a RelayRunTeam meeting, woop! Should be fun on a Wednesday night!

Yesterday, I was part of a flash mob. Ever heard of one of those? A bunch of us teachers broke out into a choreographed dance at a pep rally to pump kids up for a certain test that’s next week.
Needless to say, it was awesome. And SO much fun. Hopefully the students could see the reason, and how we were trying to support them! If you email me, I will send you a link to the video so can laugh hilariously at me doing the Dougie. Seriously!

Andddd a funny Harry Potter picture (for the 8364547th time: I love puns!!!)


And one more, because it’s been too long and this made me laugh out loud into my salad at Panera tonight:


I will be back tomorrow (and the rest of this week, with some regular posting). I felt so sad last week without all you guys!!



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  1. You call a week a “blog issue?” Well, I see you’re week and raise you two months! Literally I feel like I blinked and then realized I took 2 months off of blogging. So…can we also change the time space continuum to adjust for my two month long lack of motivation? Thanks.

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