Big Decisions and Little Decisions

Big Decision: I applied for my Masters today.  It starts August 25th.  Intense monetary commitment–but necessary for my education license!
Little Decision: We took the dogs on their first walk of the season yesterday after school, they were so excited and adorable!

Big Decision: For some unknown reason, suddenly I was able to fully commit to The Core Diet.  This usually happens a few weeks out from a race 🙂  Didnt help that I actually GAINED weight during my overload weeks!!!  Ive been having salad every day for lunch, with chicken, for what feels like forever.  But what has probably only been 2 weeks.
Little Decision: I am the best wife ever and decided to make PW dinner tonight.  He is doing something insane like 26 hours on the bicycle this week (dont forget he has like 55 miles of running and a million yards of swimming too!).  So I am making him my famous baked chicken parm. With a spaghetti/vegetable medley.  Yep, I went there.

Awesomesauce of the day:  I wore my pirate skirt for the first time of the season, and it prompted a student to vote me “Best Dressed” in the teacher superlatives.  Seriously?

Ive been doing TRX core work every day since we got it, and I can feel like a HUGE difference. I love this thing!!!

Lastly, and kind of grossly, we had an ant issue yesterday and I almost passed out. We have been seeing 1 or 2 small ants on the counters lately, but we removed all food and do the dishes immediately, so they had gone away. Until last night. I went into the kitchen and it was something like a horror movie. They were pouring in from under the faucet and from a small hole between 2 walls. I started screaming and laughing (I laugh when nervous….and apparently when in feeling PURE TERROR!), it was one of the most awful things I had ever seen. PW came out swinging, killing them left and right. Then I did what any woman would do….I sprayed each individual one with Windex. Yep.

PW went on to the save the day though but caulking how they were coming in. And going outside and tracking them like a ninja…he managed to kill every ant outside within a 3 mile radius of our house I think.


Its a recovery week now.  Which is much needed.  My legs are so tired from the last 2 weeks–I am very appreciative of these 2 days completely off (minus TRX!).  The count down to the relay is on….a little under 3 weeks!!!


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  1. Hi C! That sure looks YUMMY. What’s a pirate skirt? TRX+2x week since Dec 2010= a strong TGP so Keep it up!!! Now That Core Diet thing……… nope, don’t even want to investigate BUT… I am doing a “no recreation sugar” for the month a May! TOUGH. No a scone, a cookie, a nibble of brownie. Waaaaaaa and it’s only May 10th?????? 😦

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