I caught the Wedding Fever!

Okay, I have not cared about the Royal Family since I turned 18 and wasnt obsessed with Prince William anymore (come on, if there is a 28 ear old girl out there who didnt have a crush on Wills when she was a teenager, Id like to meet her…and talk some sense into her!).  And I definitely havent cared about the Royal Wedding.  Until Friday.  Since it actually happened, I havent been able to get enough pictures, documentaries, blog posts about it.  If there is a recap on tv, I have watched it.  If they interviewed the storekeeper in Kates hometown, I watched it.  The worst part is….I have no idea why I care.  I am drawn to all the coverage without reason!!!  It is slightly creepy, and I cant believe I am admitting it on the blog.  If you know me though, you probably already know I am a creep and none of this is news to you!

Back to real life now.  Last night I had an amazing Cobb Salad.  At TGI Fridays.  Who would have thought?  And yes, it was without egg and cheese/dressing on the side.  So good!!  Why dont I eat avocado more often?!

I then came home, did some schoolwork, and crashed!!  A great Saturday night.

Run wise:

At the end of the last overload week.  I had a minor breakdown on Friday.  I had 90 minutes on schedule.  The day before, I had run an hour.  The weekend would prove to be almost 4 hours of running.  I came home, fell asleep, got up and had to go to the gym to run.  But I cracked in the parking lot.  I could not bring myself to run.  Everything hurt.  I was so not motivated.  I managed to get in an ugly 30 minutes, but my head was not in it.  I pulled the plug after 30 minutes, which proved to be good.  Because the run the following day (yesterday) was awesome.  I guess its true you should listen to your body, but the guilt of the missing 60 minutes (and the inability to make it up because of the week it fell on) is killing me!!

Here is my unfortunate run week:

WWW- Weeks Worth of Workouts 4/25-5/1

Monday: 35 minutes recovery
Tuesday: off (woops)
Wednesday: 80 minutes Zone 1
Thursday: 60 minutes Zone 1 (treadmill)
Friday: 30 minutes Zone 1 (treadmill)
Saturday: 90 minutes Zone 1
Sunday: 140 minutes Zone 1 (split: 90/50)

Total: 50 miles. Was supposed to be 57! Bummer.
Also started TRX this week, which I am now in love with. Have been doing core stuff every day (I love the atomic pushups with the crunches!!!)

And congrats to my co-worker Angela who ran her first half-marathon this weekend.  Exciting!


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