A Day of Sherpa-ing

If you are finding yourself here from the JB Road Race Site, or saw me at the 5k in New Hampshire today–Hello! And Welcome to ThatRunnerChick.com!

If you’re looking for the Ethan Brown interview, you can find it at the top of the page under the “Interview” tab!

So, this morning I got up bright and early to head to New Hampshire. It was the day of the RedHook Brewery 5k! I know I have mentioned this before, but I have seriously awesome coworkers. Like, 4 of the ladies in my department ran this race. AND one of them started Couch to 5k, completed it, and this was THE 5k at the end of the training. I got to be part of her first race!!!

So motivating to see someone begin to train and then meet a goal! I took about a thousand pictures (and there were 2200 people!), but, as usual, I have lost the cord that uploads the pictures of my DSLR. Why don’t I learn my lesson?! When I find it, I will post them. Just know I had an awesome sign. And yelled things like:


My sign also said “Go Math Ladies”, so, hopefully the runners got the joke and didnt think I was crazy.

After that, I came home, ate some lentil soup and then got my bike out. I havent ridden my bike outside since we moved (over a year ago).

PW was so concerned about my safety, he made me ride around our street to make sure I remembered how (I am not kidding.) But, like they say, its just like riding a bike, and I was fine. In fact, I was psyched to be out on the little pink lady. Forgot how much I loved riding. Here I am, super excited to be heading out:

I knew it was going to be a recovery ride, but I also knew it was going to be 2.5 hours. Would I survive? Would PW? We got in 21.6 miles. Me on my bike, PW running. 2.5 hours. He went through FOUR BOTTLES of sports drink!!! Good thing I had those water bottle cages! It was super muggy out. We went down a new route for me, and a typical route for him. This was my view for 2.5 hours:

It is soooo beautiful out here. I actually thought to myself (this doesnt happen very often) how lucky I am to live in Massachusetts! Here is another scene from the ride:

This ride actually reignited my love for my riding my bike–I think I am going to head out tomorrow!! Will have to have PW fix my aero bars first, he had to take one of my elbow pads for it, and I sacrificed it for the cause!  He is going for an OWS (Open Water Swim) with one of the Speedo Guys (from Lake Placid–remember?), and that is something I am DEFINITELY not doing.  So bike riding and lesson planning it is!

3 weeks left of school.  I am dreading it because I like my kids a lot this year, and what I am teaching.  But at the same time, I am looking forward to the very last day because I leave for PWs race in Idaho!

Ah well, off to start that new book!


Last day of not working out….


Yesterday marked the last day of no exercise commitments. Marathon training begins again on Monday.  This week has been pretty awesome.  The greatest part about yesterday?  I was made a point to NOT burn calories, while at the same time, PW was out doing a 7 hour, 120 mile ride!  While he was out doing that I did things that dont happen during the week.  Like cleaning the entire house from top to bottom.  All the sweeping/vacuuming/dusting occurred.  Then I sat around, reading blogs and eating this delicious fruit bowl.  Also known as “The Reason I Love Summer”

And drinking mocktails (Pomegranate Seltzer with Pomegranate/Cranberry Juice):

And taking advantage of having no other commitments!  I knew today would be jam packed, and Monday would be full of work stuff.  So Saturday was my day for book reading/cleaning/tv watching (napping) and hanging out with these ladies:

This morning, I got up nice and early to cheer on some friends in a 5k.  I took about a million pictures, and will post them later (along with pictures of my awesome sign).


Finally finished Friend of the Family, it was a lot better than I was expecting. But the story seemed like it was “all middle” if that makes sense? There was no ending I could take home and think about it. The book just sort of faded towards the end. Next up on the agenda are Macca’s I’m Here to Win and another thought provoking one….Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt. Hopefully tomorrow will lend me more time to read!!

Right now…I need to go ride my bike beside PW while he runs for 2.5 hours.  I know, I know, I am the nicest wife ever.  Check back later 🙂

My Reach The Beach 2011 Leg Breakdowns….

Sorry about the delay in getting of the details. Some major dramarama going on over here. Not life or death, but a lot of ice cream is being consumed!!!

Anyways, lets do this. My intention going into the race was to go out/average an 8:20 pace for the whole thing.

Leg 1

Friday 4:23pm
7.74 mi, 8:24 mi/min, 65 min total
Avg HR: 178, Max HR: 192

I expected this leg to be flat. I had seen the elevation chart, and knew the end would have a few hills (as it happened to be on my normal running route), but was not expecting MOUNTAINS! Partway through my run, and I was way above LT, shuffling my way up hill. The downhill as nice, but not worth the uphill!

Mile 1: 8:20, HR 174
Mile 2: 8:12, HR 175
Mile 3: 7:27, HR 173
Mile 4: 9:16, HR 181
Mile 5: 8:12, HR 177
Mile 6: 8:17, HR 179
Mile 7: 8:37, HR 182
.74 Mile: 9:05 pace, HR 185

Leg 2

Saturday, 1:08am
6.31 miles, 8:33 min/mi, 54 min total
Avg HR: 174, Max HR: 189

This was my night run. I was terrified. You can tell the first mile I am unsure, turning around a few times because of the fog/dark/mortal fear. (Did you know I am afraid of the dark? No? Well I am. A lot.). Next mile, I ran into a woman and just jogged to stay with someone because it was nice to have another human being. Mile after that, a woman came flying up on me and I started hauling to stay with her and get back in my HR zone/pace. After that, I was around people for the last 3 miles allowing me to settle into a pace!

Mile 1: 8:28, HR 168
Mile 2: 9:36, HR 165
Mile 3: 7:55, HR 179
Mile 4: 8:09, HR 176
Mile 5: 8:59, HR 179
Mile 6: 8:20, HR 178
.31 mile: 8:07 pace, HR: 183

Leg 3

Saturday, 7:18am
11 miles, 8:17 min/mi, 91 min total
Avg HR: 173, Max HR: 187

This was my longest run. I had just awoken from 2 hours of sleep and felt pretty good. I love running in the early morning, so I knew this would be a good one. And I was running on the South Shore, this one in Easton, where I love running. Its farm country out there!! Flat and scenic. Felt good on this run! Better than the first two, thats for sure! You can tell by how long it to took me to get my heart rate up that I was tired though.

Mile 1: 8:11, HR 166
Mile 2: 8:13, HR 167
Mile 3: 8:13, HR 168
Mile 4: 8:18, HR 170
Mile 5: 8:25, HR 171
Mile 6: 8:24, HR 172
Mile 7: 8:29, HR 177
Mile 8: 8:17, HR 180
Mile 9: 8:13, HR 181
Mile 10: 8:22, HR 177
Mile 11: 8:04, HR 181

Leg 4

Saturday, 2:29pm
6.5 miles, 8:12 min/mi, 52 min total
Avg HR: 176, Max HR: 195

Last leg! It ended up–miraculously–breing my quickest! I was sore on this one. My quads were so tight. I felt like I had raced the last 11 miles, which I guess I did! I was worried about this run when I started out. I was hobbling! Luckily, after a mile they loosened up and I felt back to normal. I wanted to run hard this leg, because I kept telling myself to leave it all out there–I was taking a week off after these 6 miles were done! I also had some help the last 3 miles. ESPN guy ran with me and distracted me. And helped me sprint the last half mile! I felt the best on this run pacewise. However, the feeling I had in my legs/brain was very similar to the last 3 miles of the marathon. I held it together and finished strong.

Mile 1: 8:13 HR: 165
Mile 2: 8:02 HR: 172
Mile 3: 8:11 HR: 174
Mile 4: 8:22 HR: 175
Mile 5: 8:15 HR: 180
Mile 6: 8:12 HR: 185
.5 mile: 8:05 pace, HR: 189

Other things that have been going on:

1. Our dryer has been broken for 2 weeks. I literally had no clothes left to wear. Not a single thing. It was too wet to dry them in the house/outside. But PW fixed it today and I am SO EXCITED to be doing 6 loads of laundry (including my RTB clothes!!!)

2. We have had cream cheese in our fridge since I made a cheesecake for my work holiday party in December. Ive been waiting for this race to be over to eat it. On Monday, I made five tiny cheesecakes. And they are now all gone.

I also made my favorite thing: MASHED POTATOES. I make killer mashed potatoes. Perfectly smooth and creamy. And wish chicken gravy (and chicken!). So good!

3. Went out to dinner with some new friends last night. A couple of local triathletes, Catherine and Dave. Went to one of my favorite local restaurants. Went out on a limb with the meal choice–it was just “meh”. Better luck next time!

4. We only have 4 weeks of school left–pretty bummed about this. Summer is great (obviously), but I had pretty awesome kids this year and will be sad to leave them!

5. I still have not run. I may or may not try a quick jog tomorrow. Next week is some easy workouts, and my intention is to get in some bike rides and swims too since I dont have to worry about my runs!! Marathon training starts in 1.5 weeks!

6. Looking forward to Sunday during which I get to see my awesome friends/coworkers complete a 5k after doing Couch to 5k. It is going to be the best!!!!

7. This week off running is been great for productivity. Making real meals. Started painting the dining room (finally)–went with a tan color. Socialized! PW fixed the dryer. I mowed the lawn (on Sunday after the race even!). We fixed the fence (for real, yo. finally). Diminished my to-do list for my Masters application. And now laundry catch up time!!

Alright, I need to go make a PowerPoint. Hope everyones day was great!!

Reach the Beach MA 2011 Recap!

Ahhh, the “race” (fun run!) is now over. It was a whirlwind, thats for sure! Not only did I gain some fitness, I made some pretty awesome friends during it too. I guess thats what happens when you cram people (strangers even) in close quarters for 24 hours. And then tell them to run, smell, and sleep!

Where to begin? I am going to break down the race into two posts–this is the general one with team pictures and fun. The second one will have details on each of my runs, and Garmin stats!
So, I showed you what I packed in the last post. In addition, I brought my pillow. So I had 3 bags–1 clothes, 1 food, and 1 backpack with pillow. For the most part, we all had around 3 bags. So 18 in total. This was our plan, and it worked out well:

Runners 1, 2, 3 (Laura, Tom, and Jeff) would drive the Prius while running their legs. This is because only 2 people would be in the car at 1 time (the other person would be running). Runners 4, 5, and 6 (Me, Meg, Nutester) would be in the van while they were running, skipping ahead to cheer/sleep/eat. We transferred vehicles, and our belongins, at the transition areas between runners 3 and 4’s legs! It ended up working beautifully. Whoever wasnt running could have the spacious van to relax, and we always had our stuff with us. And those with the Prius could do sneak attacks on the runners, because it is SILENT while it runs!!

Alright so here we are before the race…I am taking the picture. So picture me over there next to Jeremy (hence the arm. Apparently he thinks I am 3 feet wide!!!)

From left to right, Invisible me, Nutely Gutely (Jeremy), Meg, Tom (McDon), Jeff, and Laura.
Check out our sweet shirts!! The backs had our names and numbers!

We met at Wachusett Mountain, went through Safety Check, Orientation, Team Picture, and Hang Out Time. I also ran into SpeedySasquatch (Josh), with whom I ran Ragnar two years ago!! We began at 12:20pm…Laura had leg one and she got to run up Mt. Wachusett! Here is a picture of her at the start, and then the runners coming at us 30 seconds into the race.

We headed back to the car to leap frog her and cheer her on a couple times during her 2 legs. On the way to the first stop I ate a PB and J for lunch:

And did my share of decorating the car (van):

Laura finished, then it was on to cheer for Tom as he did his 2 legs. And the train that went across the road, making him wait. Epic start to our relay! Got to Rutland Center, to see the end of Toms run/beginning of Jeffs, and start in with a cup of coffee for me before my run!
I had leg 4, so after a vehicle switch at the Transition Area, I was waiting and ready to go. This leg was going to go right on my regular running route, and PW was going to be there to cheer for me so I was pretty psyched! Got to the end, saw PW and Justin (Megs boyfriend), and then hopped right into the Prius to make it to the next transition area! Jeremy finished up his leg (he was runner 6!), and then it was time to start another rotation.

The next rotation would bring us through Algonquin High School, and was the one that would include our night runs. It started getting dark right as Laura started her night legs. And there was a dance going on at the high school while we waited, which was hilarious. We also got a homemade Blueberry Scone delivery at this stop, which would end up being key later on in the race!

So, night runs commenced. I was nervous before mine. I was starting at around 1am. 6.7 miles. Eep! Here I am before it. I have the required vest, blinking light on my front and back, and headlamp. I added the glowfingers (LASER FINGERS!) for some pizzazz!

It was scary as all get out! I will go into details (you need to see my HR for the full effect!) in the other post. But I got it done, overcoming my huge fear of the dark! Then it was Megs turn to run at night. She also pushed through her fear. Here she is afterwards, so happy to be done!

It was really foggy during these night runs, which added to the sketch factor (which topped out at 100 I think). Poor Jeremy got lost on his run and did an extra 1.5 miles! He was a good sport about it though. I mean, whats an extra 1.5 when you are running 38 already?!

Also got a little loopy while everyone else was running. Started blowing bubbles to kill time. And to get a sugar rush. Cherry Bubblicious FTW!

At this point it was 4 am, and I was in a bad spot. I had a headache that just wouldnt quit and my stomach was up in arms. I had no choice–I went for it. I grabbed my pilllow, Megs blanket, and crashed in the back of the van. My awesome van mates drove to the next meet up spot, and then they crashed too. I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. Set my alarm for 6:30, because my next run was schedules to start at 7am!!

Woke up to Easton, right by my friend Elaines house. Ate half a PB and J, got my gels (I was doing 11 miles this leg!), and put on my reflective vest. It was so foggy they were making us wear them as a precaution. This was my longest leg, and my legs were already feeling the first 15 miles! It ended up being an awesome run though. I love running first thing in the morning, no one awake, birds tweeting, on the scenic South Shore roads. Very Snow White-esque I know.

Put on the ol’ socks immediately after this run–I needed as much help as I could get!

At this point (it was around 9:30am now) I needed serious FOOD! Luckily, our next transition area was right across from a Dunkin Donuts. So I got myself a delicious flatbread. At this point, this tasted like the most delicious thing I had ever eaten!

I dont remember much in between my 3rd and 4th runs. I didnt sleep. But I was delirious. Sending crazy tweets!! We drove, cheered, ate, changed, and waited to finish our last legs. I could not wait to get it over with! It was finally my turn. It was sunny, and it was flat. And it was FUN! Since I knew it was my last leg, I was running all out (as much as I could at this point). The other teams were cheering for me, which was fun. And I made a friend with 3 miles left. He was on his last leg too and asked if he could just stick with me til the end. No problem bud–just talk to me and distract me and Ill keep the pace for us! So thanks to the guy who works at ESPN in PA…you took my mind off the fact I was on miles 30, 31, and 32 of the day! Sprinted it to the finish and immediately went for this…while contemplating what I would eat first!!!

Everything was dandy at this point. I was loving life–I was DONE! The scenery was great:

And Meg was gutting out our second to last leg:

I was wearing my compression socks again and looked like I was about to play Baseball:

Once she finished and Jeremy was on his way we sped over the beach and got ready to run across the finish line with him. THAT was hilarious. We hobbled, very slowly, as a group. And then we were done! Anti-climatic ending. Got our medals. Had a random guy take our picture as a team, in our matching shirts, at the finish line:

And headed for the postrace dinner! Which was…all seafood. And Dark meat chicken. Weird, and….honestly? Gross. I wanted pizza and cookies. Normal fare.

I had about a bite of each. But it was cool–we went to Chipotle once I got home and I demolished it in 2.5 minutes!


Came home, took a painful shower (no one ever talks about the Chub Rub that occurs from 32 miles!), and hit the hay. Thought I would be starving today but not so much. I had donuts for breakfast anyways:

A HUGE bowl of fruit for lunch. I figured I needed the antioxidants!

And then I made myself a steak for dinner. With my first pan deglazing to make a sauce!!! It was delicious:

Back to real life now–need to lesson plan for tomorrow! Will type up mileage/stats/more in depth of my specific runs tomorrow!!

Total Food Consumed:

-1.5 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
-4 handfuls pretzels
-1/4 huge bag of sour skittles
-1 six inch turkey sub from subway
-Dunkin Donuts bagel
-Medium coffee
-Ginger ale
-Turkey/Bacon/Cheese flatbread from DD (so delicious and perfect before 4th run!)
-2 blueberry scones
-3 Power Gels (2 Strawberry Banana, 1 Double Latte)
-1 individual size bag of kettle chips
-a thousand gallons of water and sports drink!

Pros of Reach the Beach:

1. For the most part, well marked.
2. Super friendly volunteers–they were great! The highlight of the race.
3. I felt safe the whole time.
4. Well-organized–this was the 13 relay theyve put on!
5. Pretty sweet fluorescent pink shirt
5. Um it was fun, and my team was awesome, but that would have happened no matter what relay it actually was. RTB or otherwise!

Cons of Reach the Beach:

1. No real bathrooms as promised, all portapotties (gross)
2. Lame post-race meal
3. Weird rules that came about midrace (a lady who worked for RTB just start maniacally yelling at transition area that vans were not allowed to stop along any roads. what the heck? so youre only supposed to stop at SOME transition areas? crazy), and fixating on other ones (we must have heard “dont pee anywhere but in a potopotty–no joke–20 times. got it!)
4. The woman doing the PreRace talk kept putting down/insulting Ragnar. She kept calling it “an unnamed race” when she would talk about it, but it was pretty clear who it was. And that bummed me out, because I really liked Ragnar. It was tough, and laid back, and a fight for it kind of race!

The Last Supper

Well it’s 7 am. Last night we had our prerace get together to chow down on pastavwhile talking about logistics, race details, and packing. Enjoyed a nice meal of spaghetti, turkey meatballs, and garlic bread!


Then we broke out the goods. Our team captain bought a bunch of glow in the dark stuff for us to use during the night runs. Here is Jeremy modeling the vest with blinky light.


And me modeling fluorescent fingers!

All that’s left is to throw my stuff into my bags and then pick up Meg. PW is driving us to the start line at Mount Wachusett!

If you are interested in our race, you can follow us on twitter. I am a twitter fan so I will be updating often!

Team twitter: @6PackRelay
My twitter account: @thatrunnerchick

So that’s it! I am off! Next time I post will be a race recap, woop woop!

Where to begin?

Tomorrow at this time, we will be in the midst of the race! I have all the packing to show to you but I have something even more necessary to get out into the internet first. Last night, PW and I went to meet our friend Mario , who we havent seen in while (he is out in California now, being busy and famous!). We met at Brew City, and Mario brought his friend James. He had never been to our favorite restaurant before. He had never seen the menu before. When he ordered, I thought time had stopped. Not kidding! You see, without prompting, he had ordered The King.

Ive been to the restaurant probably 30 times, and each time, waited for someone to order it. I think I was more excited for it to get to the table than the actual consumer. AND I had already eaten dinner! It arrived, and it was glorious. Everything you think it would be. With their signature round bacon.

Needless to say, it made my day!

Okay now back to the race. Tonight is our pre-race pasta team dinner. I was last to respond to the email about what to bring, so spaghetti/salad/garlic bread/dessert were already taken. I turned to my old standby, the ever delicious That Runner Chick’s Bruschetta. I have since tried a piece, it is ready to go!

Once that was all set, it was time to pack. All week I have been throwing things I thought I would want into a big pile upstairs. I went through all the clothes and sorted everything today:

Then I came down and started sorting my food.
-PowerBar drink
-PowerGels (way overkill on those but better to be safe than sorry!)
-ClifBloks (in case I get sick of gels)
-Peanut Butter and Jelly stuff
-Sour Skittles (what, you dont bring candy to Ultra relay races?!)

I guess that means I am already to go? I had a great day at work today to kick things off–have I mentioned how much I love teaching properties of exponents? Because I do!

I am off to go catch up on blogs and go through my stuff one more time. Pictures to come of the dinner (either tonight or tomorrow before the race!!)

A little ditty about my blog (yes, this post ALMOST rhymes with Post #1 today!)

So, my one year blogiversary has come and gone this year (uhh…in March.)  To celebrate, belatedly, I put together a list of the most awesome things people have searched for and got to my blog, and my most popular posts!!

Random (and awesome)

-“math chick pics”
-“harpoon munich dark nutrition”
-“potato dessert” (okay, ew)
-“pink taco demotivational”
-“charger on snowdrift”
-“march 13 2011” “my tights”
-“guy pushing grocery cart”
-“guy running from chick”
-“eating snickers bars after runs”
-“vacuumed it up”
-“tomato festival +speedos”
-“dressed in pom poms
-“just chopped all my hair may 2011”
-“Prius stuck on a hill”
-“Lady smile”
-“People who ankle bones are not connected”

My favorite:
-“no vegetables for ethan but something for courtney’s mom”

(That one was for you Ethan!)

Most popular posts (in order of most views!)

1. How I lost the weight For Good
2. Bay State Marathon Race Report
3. Interview with Pro Triathlete Ethan Brown
4. Run With the Wolves 10k Race Report
5. Hyannis 10k Race Report

Well…I can definitely see a pattern in the type of posts! No patterns in search terms though.

The Nitty Gritty Details

With the Relay coming upon us, I have started thinking about my packing list/paces/nutrition for the 24 hours of fun.  I have started to put together a list of things to bring (and things to wash…to find…to buy, etc.)  I reflected back on my Ragnar experience 2 years ago, which was the most fun race of my life.  Here is the video synopsis, if you are interested.  We were an Ultra team that met on Twitter (5 Guys, 1 Girl, 140 characters) and somehow got sponsored by Brooks.

That race went pretty smoothly, so I am taking what I learned from it and applying it to this weekend!

Relay Necessities

-4 changes of run clothes (one for each leg)

-Headlamp/flashlight/reflective vest

-4 plastic grocery bags (to put dirty clothes in after each leg)

-sweatpants/shirt for between legs

-2 pairs running shoes and newspaper to put in them in case of rain

-phone and garmin chargers


-toilet paper, deoderant, toothbrush

-caffeinated soda, money for coffee, a million caffeinated Power Gels

-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bagel, pretzels, a canister of PowerBar Performance

-serious candy

-pillow/blanket (for sleep attempts!)

-camera/iPad to blog from the road!


-COMPRESSION SOCKS!!! (My number one recommendation for someone doing a relay!…well, next to grocery bags for dirty clothes)

Now that thats all typed out I am even more excited!  I am doing my last “long run” today (a split run with a total of 90 minutes!), and then it is taper week, baby!  Today also involves a Bikram yoga class in the afternoon.  And creating  a lesson plan on negative exponents.

Just wanted to check in–back to my Sunday!  Hope you enjoy yours!

T-minus 7 days

Last night I was given these:


Wondering what that is? They are the details (including elevation profiles!) of each of ,y legs for the upcoming Reach The Beach! We had our logistics meeting last night, and it appears we are set to go! Wish it was this weekend so we could get started already!

Actually, maybe not. You see, I woke up this morning and could hardly walk. IT was bad last night but got way worse after a night of sleep. Not having done any hard runs in three weeks took it’s toll. I was walking like I ran a marathon, because my quads kept seizing up! Hopefully all the fish oils I took will start some repairin’ tonight!

I meant to post this before, too. When I first started this blog I had a post entitled “Bathroom Help”. We had just bought our house and had no idea what to do with our bathroom. We rigged up a system that worked, but I have been wanting to make improvements for a while.

We have a window….in our shower. When we moved in it had curtains and everything! It was definitely NOT waterproof so we hung up a towel over that part so it wouldn’t get moldy.
A few days ago I went to Home Depotmand bought some Behr paint (love that stuff!), some sandpaper, and some privacy sticky stuff.

I sanded down the window first, it had some cracked paint. I was terrified of lead paint (I know, it’s 2011) so I wore a mask:


Then I did 2 layers of the paint. The color? NUDE! The paint mixer guy was laughing when I said it was for the bathroom. Look how smooth that baby is!


I also installed the privacy screen on the window all by myself. I am most proud of this because my klutzy self had to take a razor blade and measure out the size. And I did so without losing a finger. And now our bathroom looks awesome.

Alright, after that home improvement recap I am off to bed!

Oh, right, I have a blog

I have been having a blog issue thispast week. And that issue would be the fact it was a recovery week. For some reason this makes me totally unmotivated to do….anything. So let’s pretend last week didn’t happen, okay friends? Nothing exciting to write about from then anyways.

So since I am changing the time space continuum by deleting last week, this entry will be a bunch of things smushed together.

We’ll start of with this week. Monday I took the day off, as usual. From running, Not work. This is my last week of REAL running before the relay. We are definitely less than two weeks out (OMGOMGOMGOMG!). So anyways, I have 45 miles to fit in. Yesterday I ran 82 minutes with 2 by 15 tempo in the middle, and it was glorious. It had been 3 full weeks since I did any tempo work. I have felt so, so slow lately and this run made me feel better. Maybe it was mental but whatever!

Today is the day of meetings. Two after school, from 2-5. A quick recovery run, and now I am blogging from Panera. Why am I boring you with these details? Because after this blog entry, I am heading to a RelayRunTeam meeting, woop! Should be fun on a Wednesday night!

Yesterday, I was part of a flash mob. Ever heard of one of those? A bunch of us teachers broke out into a choreographed dance at a pep rally to pump kids up for a certain test that’s next week.
Needless to say, it was awesome. And SO much fun. Hopefully the students could see the reason, and how we were trying to support them! If you email me, I will send you a link to the video so can laugh hilariously at me doing the Dougie. Seriously!

Andddd a funny Harry Potter picture (for the 8364547th time: I love puns!!!)


And one more, because it’s been too long and this made me laugh out loud into my salad at Panera tonight:


I will be back tomorrow (and the rest of this week, with some regular posting). I felt so sad last week without all you guys!!