TRX=hurts to type

So last night was our first night of TRX. Wow. I knew my upper body and core were weak, but GEEZ! I could hardly brush my teeth last night, nevermind type for an extended time to update the blog! I also didnt get very good pictures. I think once we move the furniture around in the guest room to get a good suspension training area, Ill take picture of each exercise. Until then, here is PW in the middle of one of the first exercises (before I started crying/begging for mercy and both of us were sweating profusely!):

Prior to the TRX-ing, I ran 80 minutes outside. It was super windy! Could tell a front was coming through because no matter which direction I ran in, the wind was blowing straight at me. Could also tell I was dehydrated when I arrived back at my house post run as a shriveled up raisin. Brutal!

Planned better for todays run….Muchos Hydrating occurred throughout the day and when I got home from work. Set myself up for a good run! I ended up doing it at the gym because of some thunderstorms rolling through. Here are my 60 minute Zone 1 run stats:

This was the first treadmill run I have done (with the exception of one workout with four 1-mile repeats) where I have actually sweat. I am always the girl with my dry ponytail bouncing behind me, work make-up unsmudged. Today, I looked like I jumped in the pool before the run!! I also felt like I was sprinting, which could have something to do with it, but ended up averaging smack in the middle of Zone 1.

Came home and immediately went for the smoothie. This monster had approximately 13 gallons of cottage cheese in it. I love the tanginess the cottage cheese gives it!! Also, cherry Chobani yogurt, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, apple juice.

Confession Time:

I am not a very good fish mom.  I went to change Free Wheely’s water today in the teachers bathroom.  It was starting to smell and be all yellow (I havent had a fish in a VERY LONG TIME so I forgot about this aspect!).  I set up my little station–I had a mug with water that had already been “cleared” with those drops waiting for her.  However, I didnt have a net.  So I dipped my hand into the sludgy water to scoop her out (sacrifice, maybe I am a good fish mom!).  I got her, carried her to the mug—


Right out of my hand.  3.5 feet to the ground!  Fish suicide for sure, I thought.  But she is a TROOPER!  She was alright, even though I thought she would for SURE be oxygen deprived because it took me forever to pick up her flip flopping body from the floor and into the mug!

I seriously thought I was going to be at the pet store tonight picking out a twin fish to replace her so no one would know what had happened (you know, like they do on tv!).

Phew, I feel better for confessing that already!

90 minute run tomorrow–time to get to bed!


Do you use TRX?  If so, does it ever get easier?!?

Whats your favorite smoothie combo?

Lots of strawberry components and cottage cheese!!


8 responses

    • Woman, you are slacking on the Wheeler fandom! Go click my recipe page up top!!! 🙂
      Oh, we are beginners alright. That was his very first TRX move ever–first on that set too!!!
      Do you have one? Do you love it yet?

  1. I am pretty stunned you guys did not have one before yesterday, it only gets easier..until your slack off and have to start from scratch again 🙂

  2. I don’t have a TRX, but my former coach always wanted me to get one. I don’t know ifyou feel this way, but there is so much to do… and I think if I add one more thing my mind will explode! But it is something I’m curious about, b/c it seems an efficient way to maintain/build strength.
    Your smoothies are much more interesting than mine, but yesterday I tried a lemon Chobani for the first time. I am in love.

  3. Oh TRX – i’m still sore from Friday’s workout and I have to get back on it again today! our door frames are really low, so i have to find a tree outside to tie it up to in order to get the full workout. mmmm i do love cottage cheese in my smoothies as well 🙂

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