Rollin’ in the deep

For the life of me, I cannot get Adele’s new song out of my head! I have been humming it and singing it (trust me, everyone is better off when I am humming) all day!

Yesterday, a day back at work. Everyone, both the kids and I, felt rejuvenated and ready to get back at it! Also went to the gym with my sister in and got in a 35 minute recovery run on the treadmill. Speaking of my SIL (pictured below with me in Hawaii!), she ran 4 miles today! She is building up to a half marathon in October!


On to today. A picture montage of my most delicious lunch. This salad hit the spot, I wished I had 2 more of them!


And this yogurt, which was less than desirable. Not a fan! It was cheap in the times of the Chobani shortage. From now on, I’ll be hunting out the Chobani no matter what it takes!


No running today. I can feel a cold trying to creep in so I am downing water and vitamins so I can fit in the rest of the big week!

Tomorrow is 85 minutes, and the rumor is a temperature of 75, so it should be nice (and cool compared to Florida!)

Off to watch the rest of the Bruins game…it is getting crazy!

PS the TRX came today. Post tomorrow with action shots!!


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