5k Results and another Birthday for me!

A long day of traveling today but we are home now!

Yesterday, PW did his 5k, and I did my three hour split run. We drove to Seminole yesterday morning for a race start of 8:30. Hopped out of the car St 7:45 and I started running immediately, had to get in 90 minutes before it got to hard! After a few incidents trying to find someone who knew the course, the race started and PW did somewhere around 17 minutes. It was a smudge over 5k (3.2 miles), so he was right on target! He won second place. However, him and the first place guy were left off the results for some reason (they had some SERIOUSLY old school timing methods!). Here is PW getting his medal (he is in the blue shirt!)


I was super psyched to get my run over with. I felt good during the whole thing, however I was STARVING! Post race, waiting for awards, gulping down ice water:


Ate a ton when we came back and squeezed in my second 90 minutes around 4 o’clock. It was a ROUGH second run! Held it together, just barely, searching for shade the entire way. Got in a little over 20 miles and then ate like it was going out of style, again,

Today, unfortunately, we had to come back to reality. Man did I want to stay there! Left for the airport at 7am, ate a salad on the plane at 9:30am (what, is that weird? Salad for breakfast? I brought it myself, too.), and was at the in-laws for Easter Dinner by 1pm. Had dinner and then was surprised with another impromptu party!



Was lavished with gifts (including new workouts clothes and the Hungry Girl cookbook!), before getting pooped on by a bird while walking to my car. Yes, really. Isn’t that good luck? What’s NOT good luck? Getting home, getting into the shower, and getting chased around the tub by an enormous black spider! PW found me shivering un the hallway, wrapped in 3 towels, screaming my head off. The thing was coming straight for me! Luckily he disposed of it and I was able to clean the airplane germs off of me!

Lastly, since it is Sunday, here is WWW-Weeks Worth of Workouts

Tuesday- 30 minutes am, 25 minutes pm
Wednesday- 80 minutes am, 30 minutes pm
Thursday- 60 minutes
Friday- 60 minutes
Saturday- 180 minutes, split

Total- 52 miles total

Was supposed to hit 54/55 miles this week, but took pushed today’s recovery run to tomorrow due to traveling! Next week, because of that, will be around 59 miles. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!


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  1. wlcome back to reality! Those are some serious miles.. put me to shame! :oP I finally “offically” signed up for the RTB relay run, any word on maybe getting together with the group?

    • thanks! it was seriously tough, i laid down on the ground 1o minutes in. i tried to channel my friend cait for the last 80 minutes because she is someone who would just shut up and run which is what i needed someone to tell me to do!

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