Vultures are not Mans Best Friend

Had a little run in with a vulture today on my run. To say my heart rate went through the roof would be an understatement! Those things breed death!

As usual, I got up this morning and headed to Starbucks. Vent iced coffee, sweetened with skim milk. Today is earth day, so if you bring your own mug you get a free coffee. However, I did not. But I was delicious nonetheless! Here is a picture of PW outside the ‘bucks, silently willing me to hurry up with the picture taking so he can get his green tea already!


Came back, chugged more water trying to recreate my run yesterday, and set out for 60 minutes. I psyched myself up for this run:


What I am noticing more and more about running in Florida (after all, this IS my 8th run here this week,) is that my favorite part is doing this at the end:


Almost like an ice bath, but really just the most refreshing thing ever!

Looking forward to heading to the Punta Gorda area right now for some fam time. And looking forward to PWs 5k tomorrow…I have a good feeling about it! Since I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat worrying about this….my head is now in the game for tomorrow’s run. First one will be over and done with early! Already started hydrating for that.

Back later with Gulf Coast pictures….


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  1. I'd rhtear have large genitals and have sex all day long, than to run a sub1 hour marathon and never have sex.I see one problem. The arms are too long while the legs are too short! They're not good for distance running. Probably he's better for swimming like Michael Phelps.

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