First iPad blog!

Missed a day blogging yesterday! I know I am Florida, but I feel like I am on island time! I roll out of bed at 9, drink some coffee out by the pool, and then go running. Without fail! Yesterday I did 80 minutes in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon. Can someone please tell me how Floridians stay fit? The heat and humidity are brutal! Better than blizzard running though, I guess!!
I have 30 minutes this morning and then another 30, recovery, this afternoon. I should probably get out there soon.

Other vacation things I have done (other than running at my leisure):
-laid out by/floated around the pool
-did a puzzle
-finished the new Jodi Picoult book (what a lame ending!)
-drank a Sonic double limeade every day
-played with the dogs
-read approximately a million blogs (still looking for a better app for this…mobileRSS and mobile google reader stink!)
-watched a lot of tv

Things I haven’t done:
-driven a car
-woken up to an alarm
-taken the dogs out

Ahhh, the benefits of April break + visiting your parents!!

Alright I am off to chug some water and run. Catch you you later with some pictures!!


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  1. I’ve been looking for a good ipad app too! So far mobileRSS is the only one that updates at a good rate but last night i downloaded Pulse News Reader (you can set it up to get links from your google reader). So far its ok. Its visually appealing but idk about how quick it updates and stuff

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