Dinner with Ethan

This morning’s run was completely unexpected. PW commanded me to drink 2 glasses of water before I left for my run. I whined and complained about running with a bloated belly but lo and behold he was–as usual when it comes to these things–right. My run was SO much better. Faster, and less like running on the surface of the sun. I only had 30 minutes, but I didnt have to stop and lay in the grass like I have had to for the last 4 runs.

This afternoon, prior to our 25 minute recovery run together, PW dropped a bomb on me. I was going on with my week, the running schedule I had written for myself. It had 70 minutes today, 90 tomorrow, and 2 hours sunday. PW got his coaching hands in it and told me….this is an overload week. I am doing a split three hours on Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen, that means two 90 minute runs. Its not THAT big a deal in the scheme of things, Ive done a split 160 minutes before. The big deal lies in the fact that I am not mentally prepared for it. I need at least a week to psych myself up. Heck, I should have started hydrating 2 weeks ago!!! Lucky guy got to listen to me questioning that coaching decision for the entire 25 minutes of our run!!!  I should point out that I am not complaining though.  I LOVE running long.  If I could, every run would be longer than 70 minutes.  I am just concerned because I have to get my head into it!

After the recovery run it was time to meet Ethan for dinner at the Mongolian Grill in Lakeland. I had never been before, but holy cow was it AMAZING. So core-friendly and delicious to boot. You pick every ingredient, and everything is super fresh. And you better believe I had 2 plates. The first one was chicken, steak, onions, peapods, and edamame. The second was steak, onions, peapods and red potatoes!

The gentlemen after dinner, yes Ethan did dye his hair ridiculously blonde:

Whats that? You want to see them closer? Sure.  What handsome fellas!

After that, I needed frozen yogurt. I cannot get enough of these self-serve places! I went crazy this time with 3 different toppings! This state is amazing!!

Now I am heading off to bed with a full belly. Tomorrow is a 55 minute run and then we are heading to North Port to visit my aunt for dinner. Woop! PW has a race on Saturday too in St. pete (a 5k) which should prove exciting to watch (and will hopefully occupy me for part of that first 90 minute run).


10 responses

  1. Ohhh… I like those split runs so much better than 3 hours straight. But both are hard to get your head around, I agree. I always need a chunk of time to mentally prepare myself for anything hard like that.
    Have a good run! And good luck to Pat!

  2. You’re yogurt eating exploits of late have me drooling at my desk. Panama City had a place where you could make your own sundae…I can’t wait to visit that place again in November!

  3. Two 90-minute runs sound fun! I love running long too. It takes me awhile to warm up and get into the groove and long runs allow me to do that.

    Good luck! You can do it!

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