Day 1 in Tampa!

Yesterday, after our jaunt to Panera for blogging/working/TRX ordering, we headed back to the room to pack up all of our stuff. Since we were the last ones there, we were in charge of packing up all the boxes of bikes/tools/nutrition and FedEx-ing them back to New England. Here is all our stuff ready to go:

That was quite a few trips down the elevator!

Once we were in Tampa (Lithia, actually, a suburb), my parents dogs attacked me. Missed this face!! I named her Scout when she was a pup after the character in To Kill A Mockingbird:

Today, after 11 hours of sleep, woke up and headed to Starbucks. It is my 28th birthday!! Celebrated with a Caramel Macchiato, my favorite:

Didnt get my run started until 11am. I was supposed to do 85 minutes–that wasnt happening! It was already 90 degrees out, and it felt like 100% humidity! Cut the run back and headed out for 30 minutes. Ill do another 30 tonight to make up some of the difference. I was in tough shape.
First mile, 7:38 pace avg HR 152 (My Zone 1 HR starts at 155)
Second mile, 8:32 pace avg HR 164
Third mile, 9:01 pace avg HR 168 (!!!!)

Again, tough shape. When I got back, I felt like this:

Think I will get up super early tomorrow to get in the 90 minutes!!! Before the sun maybe?

On my agenda to celebrate my 28 years on the earth? Best Buy to hunt for an iPad, a steak dinner (my mom makes the best steak dinner…ever), and some pool time!!!
I have about a million hilarious jokes to blog tonight so check back for them and a picture of the THE dinner!!


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