Birthday Afternoon

After that rough run, I pulled myself together for an afternoon of errands.  I wanted to go to Best Buy to see if they (by some chance in heck!) had any iPad2’s in stock.  My mom needed to go there as well to get a cord to charge her iPod.  And I needed lunch!  First stop, Moe’s for a burrito. I got the homewrecker. Chicken, no rice. I love that they give you free chips and salsa! Moe’s: 1 Chipotle: 0

Up next, a quick trip to the mall to stop at the Apple Store. Checked there for an iPad, no luck. Seriously? They did have my mom’s cord so that was a plus. They DID have a self-serve yogurt place though. I felt like a true Floridian for a second. I tried the tart yogurt, not a fan!!! I got vanilla with approximately a million ounces of toppings:

After my belly was full of burritos and yogurt, it was time for Best Buy. and OMG THEY HAD THEM!! Could hardly wait to get home and FaceTime! Here I am, talking to Charlie about the QT2 Florida camp:

Soooo excited about this thing. I have already downloaded Words With Friends, Kindle, Crackle, etc. Still figuring out the whole blogging-from-iPad dynamic though, so this current entry is from my computer!!

Before it was time for dinner though, I finished the second part of my run with my father. We did another 25 minutes and man was it nicer while the sun was setting!
Then, it was time for my birthday dinner. Steak, corn, roasted potatoes and a single piece of broccoli–such a good, summery, Floridian dinner!

Went for a bike ride after dinner. I was pushing Zone 2 on this sucker!

PW took this picture, and when he went to send it to me so that I could post it he said “I dont think your posture has ever been as good in your entire LIFE than it was on that bike!” I concur, I was rocking that thing out!

Before I forget here are the two (math) jokes I wanted to post:

And that, my blog friends, concludes my birthday. Hitting the sack early so that I can get up and SUPER early and complete this 90 minute run!!!


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