The end of Camp

Well folks, thats it.  Camp is officially over.  As of 8:30am the last of the QT2’ers left the state of Florida, leaving PW and I here at Panera, using their Wifi and blogging.   We are heading to Tampa in t-minus 1 hour for a week of swimming outside, running, and relaxing–that is when real vacation begins!  I have a few pictures from the weekend to show you all.

First, the crew was swimming at the National Training Center.  World-class and Olympic athletes everywhere.  You could run into anyone here.

The cross roads for the center? Legends and Champions Way of course.

The pool there was AMAZING! It was an out door, 50m pool. What dreams are made of! (Thats what they tell me at least, we all know I didnt swim!!)

The hotel had a continental breakfast where everyone would meet before the day of training, here are a few members of the team (there were about 20 people here in total!!)

In the 2 pictures above…
Molly, Mary, Jacqui, Kelly, PW, Sindy, Michele, and Shawn.

And a group picture before the last ride of camp…(unfortunately missing Charlie, Duffy, Donna, and Maris!)

Got to try out and hear about the TRX System while we were here too. We will definitely be buying one. Expect a review on that once we get it (hopefully next weekend!). Coffee is done…time to head to Tampa! It is a recovery day so I have an easy 35 minute run before the crazy run week starts tomorrow (58 miles, woop!). It will be a glimpse of summer…


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