April Vacation…Here I come!

I am currently blogging from a Panera Bread in Clermont, Florida.  But, let me back up and tell you how I got here.

PW flew down here on Wednesday morning, and I held down the fort at home until last night.  April is a stressful month for Massachusetts Math teachers…MCAS is coming up quick, and I could not take time off with that looming on the horizon!  So I trekked through the week.  Thursday night I ended up at Chili’s, a restaurant I havent been to in YEARS, to decompress with another teacher friend.  And I dominated these chips and salsa:

Also this week, I found out a coworker had played a bit of a practical joke on me, I found this written on my desk calender:

I think I laughed for a full five minutes when I saw that!

It is a recovery week this week, so I didnt have a lot going on, and was just looking forward to coming down here to the nice weather!  My flight left at 8:30 last night, so after packing I drove down to the in-laws (who are our designated puppy watchers!) and my mum in law drove me to the airport. Watched Freedom Writers on the plane, and cried like a baby. Again.  Landed at 11:15 and was crashed out in the hotel by 12:15.  Woke up bright and early to watch everyone swim at the National Training Center, and to go for a run.
Brian and I cranked out about 5 miles over 40 minutes…and boy was it hot and humid already at 8am!!

Now I am recovering with this lovely salad as I blog in the air conditioning (have I mentioned how much I love their Cobb Salads?!)

Everyone else is out on their recovery rides at the moment.  Except for Rick, who QUITE unfortunately crashed during his long ride yesterday and broke his collarbone!  He is on the way to the airport.  What a bummer, right?!  This afternoon involves a massage marathon, (thats different from that other marathon going on this weekend!) . I have about thirteen 30 minute massages schedule from 2-8:30…bring it!

Since it is April vacation this week, and I have nothing going on but a million miles of running and some serious sleep, I am going to try and post on a regular schedule.  A morning post and a night post.  I might try and do more food blogging as well.  Mostly because this is the week where the magic happens…time to cut back on the snacks and thin up for the race!

Good luck to all the peeps doing Boston on Monday…I am sure you are all in the throws of the stir crazy taper right now!!! 🙂

My “How I got into/Why I love teaching” post will be up this afternoon!  I finally wrote it, and didnt even type “ummm” in it a thousand times.  Youre welcome!


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  1. Lucky Duck! have fun in FL.. it was rainy on and off today, mid 50’s.. enjoy ur hot and humid weather! :o) ..and that’s A LOT of massages!

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