Free Wheely!

I cannot believe I forgot to post this before, but…one of my students got us a class fish!  I let the students vote on names, and the winner was…


Get it?!  Others that were in the running included: Pi, Dori, C Weezy Jr, Alpha, and Swimmy.

I took a picture of her for y’all.  I know the fishtank has a million finger prints on it (remember, I work with kids!), but it was the best picture of Free Wheely.  And she is doing the Blue Steel pose!


Another former student also surprised me with a treat today, it is nice to have a fan club, especially when they know your penchant for candy!



And there was a pre-birthday treat for me in the teachers room today (did I mention I work with the best people ever? Because I do). It was a coworkers birthday today, and mine is Tuesday. I am TRC (ThatRunnerChick) of course!!



My day was going swimmingly (fish joke!), until I had to go to the doctors this afternoon. Nothing crazy, just my yearly physical, but still-blech!!

Recovery run tonight. I did 49 miles last week, and this week is an entire recovery week with a whopping 27 miles!!

Lastly…here is a picture of me at Old Navy last night. It shows off how red my hair looks, and my new shoes AGAIN. And, in case you ever lost sleep wondering what I wear to work, you can now rest easy!!

I know, I look awkward. It was a ninja picture in the Mens Sale section, okay?!


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