Big Day!

Today is a big day…I am going to buy my birthday present!  I have been drooling over Toms Shoes for quite a while, and decided months ago that is what I wanted for my 28th birthday. The only local place they sell them is about 40 minutes away from here, and luckily for me I have an awesome friend who is in for a trip to the Natick Collections and lunch!

(PS when I google image’d Toms for the picture below, about 1 million pictures of actors named “Tom” came up! HA!)

I was supposed to do hill bounding on Thursday, but I forced PW to do a body fat test on me, and then had a breakdown and could not force myself to do the workout. I was too buy laying on the floor crying and saying “Whyyyyyyyyyy” over and over. Instead, I did a 35 minute recovery run on the treadmill while reading The new Jodi Picoult book. That meant I had to run yesterday after school.

The bell rang to signal the end of the school day and I changed immediately. I headed out on my old stompic grounds again (I am LOVING running out there), in shorts and a t-shirt, for 76 minutes and about 9 miles. It was great, I was done by 3:30 and able to respond to texts from friends to meet them for a bite to eat!

Today…I have a 73 minute run to do before shoe shopping, and a 35 minute recovery run to do after shoe shopping. 2 hours tomorrow and then….recovery week!.

Which is coming at a good time because:
1. My legs are sleepy, all the time
2. Report card grades are due
3. The week before April Vacation is always crazy with stuff to do! Meetings, exams, etc.
4. We are going to FL and I am doing 64372890 massages there, which is a workout in itself.

AND we are VACATIONING in florida after the training weekend! I will be running my first overload week (55 miles) in sweet, sweet summery weather and flat roads. Counting down until this happens! Oh, and I will turn 28 out of state too 🙂

I know I havent been doing much cooking/recipe posting as of late and that is because my meals are BORING as of late!  Ive been trying so hard to stay on Core, I am doing the unthinkable, and eating the same thing every single day.  A lot of Chobani with strawberries, turkey wraps on Josephs  bread, raw veggies and chicken sausage!  It is not excting, but it works!!

Alright, time to get this show on the road…my new Brooks stuff came today and I cant wait to run in my new shorts!!


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  1. Let me just say that… I had a similar breakdown this past week when I finally weighed myself after _way_ too long. I’ve gained 8 pounds since the marathon!! Ugh. *tear*
    Not cool. Totally time to get back on strict eating horse.

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