A list as to why my day was awesome:

1.  I got to run twice.  In my new shorts.  107 minutes total.

2. I got my new shoes!!

3. Lemons were on sale, and I am drinking fresh homemade lemonade!!! (Truly my favorite part of warm weather)

4. Had Boloco for the first time today. I have been meaning to try it for years. It was good, but I think Chipotle has spoiled me. I ordered a burrito with black beans, white meat chicken, salsa, and lettuce. Half the size of Chipotle with same ingredients, but tasty nonethless! Their chips+salsa were very good!

5. Got a pair of my favorite pants for $2.67. Yep, under three dollars. Thank you Old Navy super sale! I have three other pairs of these…and two of them I paid full price for (silly me!).

6. Since I was at the Natick Collections (I hardly every make it out there), I surprised PW with a new iPhone 4!

Yep, good day. Will tomorrow top it? With 2 hours of running and Bikram yoga? Stay tuned to find out!


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