Bumpy Ride

Had a rough start to my morning.
Was SUPER careful with my coffee this morning, put it on the hood of my car while I got everything packed in and settled.  Grabbed it, and still spilled it all over me. (Didnt even make it work before this happened!)
-First period class, I practically impale my arm on the metal part of my white board.
-While nursing that 5 inch wound, I accidentally stuck my thumb in my eye (seriously).
Like I said, a rough start.  After hopping around on one foot, and covering my eye with a napkin for a few minutes, I was good to go. Gave my class some early morning entertainment!

The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful.  My after school activity was great.  I left work thinking about how much I love teaching.  Specifically, I love helping kids do things they think they can’t–understand things they never thought they’d get.  Such a rewarding job!!  Okay, enough squishy stuff.

After school, I was heading straight to my run.  75 minutes, 2×20 minutes tempo (zone 2) in the middle. Outside. Ive done this run inside for…well, every Tuesday tempo run thus far! Today, I decided to run my old stomping grounds.  I have such fond memories of thousands of miles on those roads!! However, I set out with the memory of my horrible run from Sunday fresh in my mind.  Did I forget to mention how terrible it was?  I think I tried to block it out.  Just know, it was rough.

Anyways, todays run: AWESOME! It was not flat by any means, but it is definitely flatter than where I live!  I averaged–wait for it–40 seconds faster per mile than I did on Sunday.  With a lower heart rate.  It was heavenly.  My legs couldnt keep up with my heart!  Ended up with 9.3 miles, and hope for my race yet!  Came home and cooked up some chicken sausage (Bilinksi’s is my favorite brand!) and roasted potatoes, with a side of raw green beans and strawberries.

Now…lunch making and an early night!!


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  1. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a teacher. You’re so right, being able to help people find their potential is so amazing! I got to teach an excelerated nutrition course at Quincy College a couple years ago and it was AMAZING. I’d love to teach a nutrition class again… I’ll have to look into that – you’ve inspired me!!

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