WWW Week’s Worth of Workouts

Last night I finally updated my blog. I added an About Me page, an Interview page, and completely updated the Race Report and Recipe pages! Let me know what you think about the About Me page…it is so hard to write those things!!

Let’s start the post with this weeks run log!

Weeks Worth of Workouts March 28-April 3

Tuesday– 75 minutes, 2×20 Z2
Wednesday– 25 minute recovery run
Thursday– 75 minute, 8xhill bounding
Friday-35 minute recovery run
Saturday-90 minute run Z1
Sunday-120 minute run, 25min Z2,

Also, 1.5 hours Bikram Yoga (this afternoon!)

Total: 47 miles

So, other than running, what else has been going on? The ususal weekend stuff, cleaning, laundry (guys, I put away all the clean laundry–this is a huge deal!), interviewing triathletes. Also had dinner with Megan from An Apple a Day, and watched the red Sox opening game at Brew City!

Alright–back to hydrating for this afternoon’s yoga adventure!!


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