Interview with Dede Griebsauer

Interview Time!  Friend, owner of an adorable dog, and all around awesome athlete (shes a multiple-time winner of Ironman!), Dede Griesbauer, agreed to be the next interview.

(pictures from Facebook!)

1. What is your favorite place to train? To race?

So many great places, it’s hard to choose just one! Boston in Compu Trainer City because it makes you strong as an ox and tough as nails! I love the ride from Boston to our house at Cape Cod. People think I am crazy for that one because there is a fair amount of traffic. That one’s not hilly, or challenging, per se (though usually quite windy), but there is something intensely satisfying about riding 100+ miles to actually get somewhere instead of just winding up right back where you started! Plus, on holiday weekends, I like to race DaveyG who is in the car. Bridge traffic can be a bi&ch sometimes, making it an almost fair fight! For several years, I’ve been taking an extended training stint in Austin, TX to train, thank to an incredibly generous homestay and a very patient husband! I’ve come to love Austin as a home away from home; great riding, running and places to swim. Good food and great friends there too.

Racing? Kona has to take top billing. Something about racing the best in the world in a place that is both incredibly gorgeous and horrendously unforgiving all at the same time. Other favorites are Brazil, Vineman 70.3 and California 70.3.

2. What songs are on your iPod right now?

Do I have to answer that? I have a pretty eclectic mix of things. I’ve been very into Citizen Cope lately. Not sure what brought that on. I have a bit of Alternative, a bit of Hip-Hop, and way more 80’s pop than I’d like to admit! My top plays are by Ozzy Osbourne, Eddie Vedder, Linkin Park, and Duran Duran (did I just admit that?)

3. So, I know you were a backstroker extraordinaire in college (she swam for Stanford, y’all!)…have you ever swam the backstroke in a triathlon? As a non-swimmer, is swam even the correct tense in that question?

Your grammar teacher would be proud. Yes, the verb “to swim” is conjugated as swim, swam, swum. Technically, though, if you wanted to be grammatically correct, the question should be phrased as “have you ever swum”, as in “I did swim”, “I have swam”, and “It was swum”. And yes, I have swum a stroke or two of backstroke in a race; strategically to see if I am alone, or tugging a train of folks behind me, and also to stretch out my shoulders a bit. Just a couple of strokes in the other direction can be incredibly refreshing and my transitions from front to back are seamless!

4. I’ve heard a rumor you make the best banana bread in the this hemisphere, is that true? What makes it so special?

My banana bread has its own fan page on Facebook, in fact! It’s called “DedeGriesbauer Makes the Best Banana Bread” which is both catchy and creative, I think. My banana bread currently has 23 fans which is more than I have! What makes it so special? I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you! Since you and Pat let me crash your wedding, though, I’ll make you a loaf sometime!!

(Side note from Courtney: when PW and I eloped in Hawaii, Dede was our photographer!  She can take  a mean wedding photo!)

5. What is the most embarassing thing thats ever happened to you in a race (triathlon or otherwise)

Hmmm……well, I’ll just come out and say it. The politically correct way to put it is that I suffered some significant intestinal distress with ½ mile to go in Kona. The less politically correct way of putting it? Everybody poops. Some at more opportune times than others, I suppose. I was in 10th place; no place to stop anyway and I wasn’t about to flirt with blowing a top-10.

6. What us your favorite off-season food?

Raw cookie dough. DaveyG and I will buy a packet of “break and bake” cookies, and eat the whole thing without cooking a single one! Not in one sitting though. That would give me a tummy ache! I also like to drink good wine. Not necessarily with the cookie dough. But not being particular, together is good too. I also like French fries. Super salty ones. Other than that, I am not really “a foodie”. (like a dagger to your heart). I’ve always been one who eats to live, not lives to eat.

7. How do you like to spend your free time (when you are not racing/training/recovering)?

Funny; when I quit my Wall Street job to train and race full time, my biggest concern was what was I going to do with all of my free time. Surely I couldn’t spend THAT much time training. Little did I know! I honestly don’t have that much free time. But when I do have free time, my 2 favorite things are DaveyG and Riley, so anything that involves the 3 of us spending time together is fine by me. We love taking Riley swimming when we’re down on the Cape, or sometimes doing a dinner picnic on the beach, though most days, I am so tired I just want to eat and fall asleep! DaveyG would like for me to say that I like to play golf. But I am just not there yet.

Dede raced Oceanside 70.3 in California yesterday and set a wattage PR on the bike and run PR, and then to top off her great day, replied to all of these questions 🙂  Thanks Dede!

You can find Dede’s website and blog here and follow her on twitter here.


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