TRX=hurts to type

So last night was our first night of TRX. Wow. I knew my upper body and core were weak, but GEEZ! I could hardly brush my teeth last night, nevermind type for an extended time to update the blog! I also didnt get very good pictures. I think once we move the furniture around in the guest room to get a good suspension training area, Ill take picture of each exercise. Until then, here is PW in the middle of one of the first exercises (before I started crying/begging for mercy and both of us were sweating profusely!):

Prior to the TRX-ing, I ran 80 minutes outside. It was super windy! Could tell a front was coming through because no matter which direction I ran in, the wind was blowing straight at me. Could also tell I was dehydrated when I arrived back at my house post run as a shriveled up raisin. Brutal!

Planned better for todays run….Muchos Hydrating occurred throughout the day and when I got home from work. Set myself up for a good run! I ended up doing it at the gym because of some thunderstorms rolling through. Here are my 60 minute Zone 1 run stats:

This was the first treadmill run I have done (with the exception of one workout with four 1-mile repeats) where I have actually sweat. I am always the girl with my dry ponytail bouncing behind me, work make-up unsmudged. Today, I looked like I jumped in the pool before the run!! I also felt like I was sprinting, which could have something to do with it, but ended up averaging smack in the middle of Zone 1.

Came home and immediately went for the smoothie. This monster had approximately 13 gallons of cottage cheese in it. I love the tanginess the cottage cheese gives it!! Also, cherry Chobani yogurt, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, apple juice.

Confession Time:

I am not a very good fish mom.  I went to change Free Wheely’s water today in the teachers bathroom.  It was starting to smell and be all yellow (I havent had a fish in a VERY LONG TIME so I forgot about this aspect!).  I set up my little station–I had a mug with water that had already been “cleared” with those drops waiting for her.  However, I didnt have a net.  So I dipped my hand into the sludgy water to scoop her out (sacrifice, maybe I am a good fish mom!).  I got her, carried her to the mug—


Right out of my hand.  3.5 feet to the ground!  Fish suicide for sure, I thought.  But she is a TROOPER!  She was alright, even though I thought she would for SURE be oxygen deprived because it took me forever to pick up her flip flopping body from the floor and into the mug!

I seriously thought I was going to be at the pet store tonight picking out a twin fish to replace her so no one would know what had happened (you know, like they do on tv!).

Phew, I feel better for confessing that already!

90 minute run tomorrow–time to get to bed!


Do you use TRX?  If so, does it ever get easier?!?

Whats your favorite smoothie combo?

Lots of strawberry components and cottage cheese!!


Rollin’ in the deep

For the life of me, I cannot get Adele’s new song out of my head! I have been humming it and singing it (trust me, everyone is better off when I am humming) all day!

Yesterday, a day back at work. Everyone, both the kids and I, felt rejuvenated and ready to get back at it! Also went to the gym with my sister in and got in a 35 minute recovery run on the treadmill. Speaking of my SIL (pictured below with me in Hawaii!), she ran 4 miles today! She is building up to a half marathon in October!


On to today. A picture montage of my most delicious lunch. This salad hit the spot, I wished I had 2 more of them!


And this yogurt, which was less than desirable. Not a fan! It was cheap in the times of the Chobani shortage. From now on, I’ll be hunting out the Chobani no matter what it takes!


No running today. I can feel a cold trying to creep in so I am downing water and vitamins so I can fit in the rest of the big week!

Tomorrow is 85 minutes, and the rumor is a temperature of 75, so it should be nice (and cool compared to Florida!)

Off to watch the rest of the Bruins game…it is getting crazy!

PS the TRX came today. Post tomorrow with action shots!!

5k Results and another Birthday for me!

A long day of traveling today but we are home now!

Yesterday, PW did his 5k, and I did my three hour split run. We drove to Seminole yesterday morning for a race start of 8:30. Hopped out of the car St 7:45 and I started running immediately, had to get in 90 minutes before it got to hard! After a few incidents trying to find someone who knew the course, the race started and PW did somewhere around 17 minutes. It was a smudge over 5k (3.2 miles), so he was right on target! He won second place. However, him and the first place guy were left off the results for some reason (they had some SERIOUSLY old school timing methods!). Here is PW getting his medal (he is in the blue shirt!)


I was super psyched to get my run over with. I felt good during the whole thing, however I was STARVING! Post race, waiting for awards, gulping down ice water:


Ate a ton when we came back and squeezed in my second 90 minutes around 4 o’clock. It was a ROUGH second run! Held it together, just barely, searching for shade the entire way. Got in a little over 20 miles and then ate like it was going out of style, again,

Today, unfortunately, we had to come back to reality. Man did I want to stay there! Left for the airport at 7am, ate a salad on the plane at 9:30am (what, is that weird? Salad for breakfast? I brought it myself, too.), and was at the in-laws for Easter Dinner by 1pm. Had dinner and then was surprised with another impromptu party!



Was lavished with gifts (including new workouts clothes and the Hungry Girl cookbook!), before getting pooped on by a bird while walking to my car. Yes, really. Isn’t that good luck? What’s NOT good luck? Getting home, getting into the shower, and getting chased around the tub by an enormous black spider! PW found me shivering un the hallway, wrapped in 3 towels, screaming my head off. The thing was coming straight for me! Luckily he disposed of it and I was able to clean the airplane germs off of me!

Lastly, since it is Sunday, here is WWW-Weeks Worth of Workouts

Tuesday- 30 minutes am, 25 minutes pm
Wednesday- 80 minutes am, 30 minutes pm
Thursday- 60 minutes
Friday- 60 minutes
Saturday- 180 minutes, split

Total- 52 miles total

Was supposed to hit 54/55 miles this week, but took pushed today’s recovery run to tomorrow due to traveling! Next week, because of that, will be around 59 miles. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

Dinner and a game in Port Charlotte

A drive down to Port Charlotte ended up taking an extra 15 minutes due to my extremely tiny, walnut sized bladder. I was trying to hydrate for tomorrow and it backfired! Oh well. Got here and relaxed by sticking our feet in the hot tub for a while (the homeless looking kid is my brother, he is growing a playoff beard. The other guy is my dad!)


While we were doing that, PW was working hard, on the phone with the bossman!


(yes he is wearing a Team Psycho shirt….it’s from the TT. Team Psycho shoutout!)

After our appetizers if sliced veggies and dip, it was time to feast. Well done cheese pizza for me! There was salad involved too, I promise, just not right away 🙂

Well-done New York style pizza, my fave!


The fam, sitting down. From left to right, PW, my mom, dad, Aunt Julie, and little bro! I was, obviously, taking the picture, but you can see my spot!


Now we are watching the Celtics game before heading home. Have to leave at 6:39 for PWs race tomorrow morning!

Also…for those of of you waiting for PWs blog about training camp, it’s coming. He wrote it today and I accidentally deleted it! Whoops! Im definitely new to the iPad and the WordPress app! It will be coming soon though, promise!

Vultures are not Mans Best Friend

Had a little run in with a vulture today on my run. To say my heart rate went through the roof would be an understatement! Those things breed death!

As usual, I got up this morning and headed to Starbucks. Vent iced coffee, sweetened with skim milk. Today is earth day, so if you bring your own mug you get a free coffee. However, I did not. But I was delicious nonetheless! Here is a picture of PW outside the ‘bucks, silently willing me to hurry up with the picture taking so he can get his green tea already!


Came back, chugged more water trying to recreate my run yesterday, and set out for 60 minutes. I psyched myself up for this run:


What I am noticing more and more about running in Florida (after all, this IS my 8th run here this week,) is that my favorite part is doing this at the end:


Almost like an ice bath, but really just the most refreshing thing ever!

Looking forward to heading to the Punta Gorda area right now for some fam time. And looking forward to PWs 5k tomorrow…I have a good feeling about it! Since I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat worrying about this….my head is now in the game for tomorrow’s run. First one will be over and done with early! Already started hydrating for that.

Back later with Gulf Coast pictures….

Dinner with Ethan

This morning’s run was completely unexpected. PW commanded me to drink 2 glasses of water before I left for my run. I whined and complained about running with a bloated belly but lo and behold he was–as usual when it comes to these things–right. My run was SO much better. Faster, and less like running on the surface of the sun. I only had 30 minutes, but I didnt have to stop and lay in the grass like I have had to for the last 4 runs.

This afternoon, prior to our 25 minute recovery run together, PW dropped a bomb on me. I was going on with my week, the running schedule I had written for myself. It had 70 minutes today, 90 tomorrow, and 2 hours sunday. PW got his coaching hands in it and told me….this is an overload week. I am doing a split three hours on Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen, that means two 90 minute runs. Its not THAT big a deal in the scheme of things, Ive done a split 160 minutes before. The big deal lies in the fact that I am not mentally prepared for it. I need at least a week to psych myself up. Heck, I should have started hydrating 2 weeks ago!!! Lucky guy got to listen to me questioning that coaching decision for the entire 25 minutes of our run!!!  I should point out that I am not complaining though.  I LOVE running long.  If I could, every run would be longer than 70 minutes.  I am just concerned because I have to get my head into it!

After the recovery run it was time to meet Ethan for dinner at the Mongolian Grill in Lakeland. I had never been before, but holy cow was it AMAZING. So core-friendly and delicious to boot. You pick every ingredient, and everything is super fresh. And you better believe I had 2 plates. The first one was chicken, steak, onions, peapods, and edamame. The second was steak, onions, peapods and red potatoes!

The gentlemen after dinner, yes Ethan did dye his hair ridiculously blonde:

Whats that? You want to see them closer? Sure.  What handsome fellas!

After that, I needed frozen yogurt. I cannot get enough of these self-serve places! I went crazy this time with 3 different toppings! This state is amazing!!

Now I am heading off to bed with a full belly. Tomorrow is a 55 minute run and then we are heading to North Port to visit my aunt for dinner. Woop! PW has a race on Saturday too in St. pete (a 5k) which should prove exciting to watch (and will hopefully occupy me for part of that first 90 minute run).

First iPad blog!

Missed a day blogging yesterday! I know I am Florida, but I feel like I am on island time! I roll out of bed at 9, drink some coffee out by the pool, and then go running. Without fail! Yesterday I did 80 minutes in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon. Can someone please tell me how Floridians stay fit? The heat and humidity are brutal! Better than blizzard running though, I guess!!
I have 30 minutes this morning and then another 30, recovery, this afternoon. I should probably get out there soon.

Other vacation things I have done (other than running at my leisure):
-laid out by/floated around the pool
-did a puzzle
-finished the new Jodi Picoult book (what a lame ending!)
-drank a Sonic double limeade every day
-played with the dogs
-read approximately a million blogs (still looking for a better app for this…mobileRSS and mobile google reader stink!)
-watched a lot of tv

Things I haven’t done:
-driven a car
-woken up to an alarm
-taken the dogs out

Ahhh, the benefits of April break + visiting your parents!!

Alright I am off to chug some water and run. Catch you you later with some pictures!!

Birthday Afternoon

After that rough run, I pulled myself together for an afternoon of errands.  I wanted to go to Best Buy to see if they (by some chance in heck!) had any iPad2’s in stock.  My mom needed to go there as well to get a cord to charge her iPod.  And I needed lunch!  First stop, Moe’s for a burrito. I got the homewrecker. Chicken, no rice. I love that they give you free chips and salsa! Moe’s: 1 Chipotle: 0

Up next, a quick trip to the mall to stop at the Apple Store. Checked there for an iPad, no luck. Seriously? They did have my mom’s cord so that was a plus. They DID have a self-serve yogurt place though. I felt like a true Floridian for a second. I tried the tart yogurt, not a fan!!! I got vanilla with approximately a million ounces of toppings:

After my belly was full of burritos and yogurt, it was time for Best Buy. and OMG THEY HAD THEM!! Could hardly wait to get home and FaceTime! Here I am, talking to Charlie about the QT2 Florida camp:

Soooo excited about this thing. I have already downloaded Words With Friends, Kindle, Crackle, etc. Still figuring out the whole blogging-from-iPad dynamic though, so this current entry is from my computer!!

Before it was time for dinner though, I finished the second part of my run with my father. We did another 25 minutes and man was it nicer while the sun was setting!
Then, it was time for my birthday dinner. Steak, corn, roasted potatoes and a single piece of broccoli–such a good, summery, Floridian dinner!

Went for a bike ride after dinner. I was pushing Zone 2 on this sucker!

PW took this picture, and when he went to send it to me so that I could post it he said “I dont think your posture has ever been as good in your entire LIFE than it was on that bike!” I concur, I was rocking that thing out!

Before I forget here are the two (math) jokes I wanted to post:

And that, my blog friends, concludes my birthday. Hitting the sack early so that I can get up and SUPER early and complete this 90 minute run!!!

Day 1 in Tampa!

Yesterday, after our jaunt to Panera for blogging/working/TRX ordering, we headed back to the room to pack up all of our stuff. Since we were the last ones there, we were in charge of packing up all the boxes of bikes/tools/nutrition and FedEx-ing them back to New England. Here is all our stuff ready to go:

That was quite a few trips down the elevator!

Once we were in Tampa (Lithia, actually, a suburb), my parents dogs attacked me. Missed this face!! I named her Scout when she was a pup after the character in To Kill A Mockingbird:

Today, after 11 hours of sleep, woke up and headed to Starbucks. It is my 28th birthday!! Celebrated with a Caramel Macchiato, my favorite:

Didnt get my run started until 11am. I was supposed to do 85 minutes–that wasnt happening! It was already 90 degrees out, and it felt like 100% humidity! Cut the run back and headed out for 30 minutes. Ill do another 30 tonight to make up some of the difference. I was in tough shape.
First mile, 7:38 pace avg HR 152 (My Zone 1 HR starts at 155)
Second mile, 8:32 pace avg HR 164
Third mile, 9:01 pace avg HR 168 (!!!!)

Again, tough shape. When I got back, I felt like this:

Think I will get up super early tomorrow to get in the 90 minutes!!! Before the sun maybe?

On my agenda to celebrate my 28 years on the earth? Best Buy to hunt for an iPad, a steak dinner (my mom makes the best steak dinner…ever), and some pool time!!!
I have about a million hilarious jokes to blog tonight so check back for them and a picture of the THE dinner!!

The end of Camp

Well folks, thats it.  Camp is officially over.  As of 8:30am the last of the QT2’ers left the state of Florida, leaving PW and I here at Panera, using their Wifi and blogging.   We are heading to Tampa in t-minus 1 hour for a week of swimming outside, running, and relaxing–that is when real vacation begins!  I have a few pictures from the weekend to show you all.

First, the crew was swimming at the National Training Center.  World-class and Olympic athletes everywhere.  You could run into anyone here.

The cross roads for the center? Legends and Champions Way of course.

The pool there was AMAZING! It was an out door, 50m pool. What dreams are made of! (Thats what they tell me at least, we all know I didnt swim!!)

The hotel had a continental breakfast where everyone would meet before the day of training, here are a few members of the team (there were about 20 people here in total!!)

In the 2 pictures above…
Molly, Mary, Jacqui, Kelly, PW, Sindy, Michele, and Shawn.

And a group picture before the last ride of camp…(unfortunately missing Charlie, Duffy, Donna, and Maris!)

Got to try out and hear about the TRX System while we were here too. We will definitely be buying one. Expect a review on that once we get it (hopefully next weekend!). Coffee is done…time to head to Tampa! It is a recovery day so I have an easy 35 minute run before the crazy run week starts tomorrow (58 miles, woop!). It will be a glimpse of summer…