A run in Numbers…

Today was hill bounding. Instead of giving you the typical “and then this happened, and then I felt like this”, I put together some numbers that pretty accurately describe the workout.

8…Number of times I bounded up the hill
2…Number of wind sprints I did (after repeats 3 and 6)
7…Number of miles I ran
3…Number of times I forgot what repeat I was on and had to calculate it in my head based on time
1…Number of Chipotle burritos I ate, post run
5…Number of weird looks I got from people driving by (Youre welcome!)
32…Number of snot rockets I blew
490…Number of calories I burned during the run (approximately)
12,750…Number of times my heart beat during the workout (approximately…and CRAZY!)

In summary…it was good.

Now, we are cleaning off the basement floor again. If you didnt hear…snow is coming! And perhaps rain. Which mean perhaps flood. Being proactive by getting stuff off the basement floor ahead of time! (Okay, we probably won’t get water in the basement again, it really only happens when it rains 10 inches in 2 days, or a foot of snow melts, but being cautious!)

Also, I wanted to share my work snack today, it was delish! Homemade pita chips (Joseph’s Low-Carb Pita bread) and garlic lovers hummus!


Back to basement cleaning and lesson planning!!  It’s already started snowing, I am hoping for NO snow day.  I would accept a delay though, I sure could use that extra hour of sleep this week!!


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