Back in the Saddle

No messing around with bruised ankles this week–I went in full force! Yesterday was an interval workout (I dont know if you would even call it intervals?). It was 75 minutes total with 2×20 min at Zone 2 HR in the middle. On the treadmill. My first hard effort in over two weeks (since the Great Bottle Incident of 2011). I was not prepared for how much it was going to hurt! Phew! I did complete it though, and came home and crashed hard.

Had to stay strong for today though…it was Faculty Bowling Day! My team’s theme was “Toy Story” characters. We had a piggy bank, Jessie the Cowgirl, Slinky the Dog, and I was….Little Bo Peep!

You can kind of see my new hair color (dark) and haircut in the above picture too. That is if you can focus on anything other than my zombie eyes!
Yes, I did bowl in that outfit too. And, in typical ThatRunnerChick Bowling Behavior…I stunk. No big deal though, we can’t all be bowler extraordinaires!!! Came home for a quick recovery run, the likes of which are now oh so enjoyable.

Tomorrow…hill bounding. Eight times to be exact.

I didnt want to go running tonight, but I managed to motivate myself by taking advantage of my Brooks ID deal and getting some new stuff! This is what I ordered (all pictures courtesy of

New Pair of Adrenaline GTS 11’s in size 7.5!

New pair of Epiphany Stretch Shorts

And, I figured I should a buy a new shirt to go with my shorts! An Ephiphany Sleevless Top:

Okay, time to hit the hay!


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  1. Dude – cute outfit! So you took a week off to nurse your bruised ankles? How did you bruise them? That sounds painful. I decided I’d take the rst of this week off from running for my tibialis muscle thingy. Dude – the more I massage it, the more it hurts! (Which is interesting because I found that when I got sports massages before the marathon my injuries would hurt more for a couple days after as well. Is that normal?!)

    • Totally normal for it to hurt. Keep at it!! And make sure you are stretching those calves too! Can you get in for a sports massage at all? And I bruised my ankle by dropping a full glass bottle on it while walking upstairs, it was awful! Thankfully it seems to be recovered now, took 3 weeks though!!

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