Pancake Kind of Day

I love Saturdays!  Something about waking up with nothing on my agenda.  No alarm clock, no plans.  The only thing I have to do today is run 90 minutes.  Not a big deal!  I rolled out of bed and leaisurely drank my coffee while catching up on blogs.  Then PW got summoned to the QT2 Headquarters (kind of like the Bat Cave) for a LT test.  So, of course, my first instinct was to make pancakes.  I have nothing else going on!  I set to work making pancakes for ONE!  This recipe was perfect…made exactly two pancakes.

Pancakes For One

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 egg (beaten)

I ate these while watching Teen Mom 2.  I cannot get enough of that show.  The new season starts on my birthday.  That day is also included in our Florida Extravaganza–those 4 days of non-stop massagin’ and runnin’, and then the following week of nonstop….running.  Again!  Outside, in the heat.  I cannot wait!!

This is kind of off-topic (well, maybe not, because this entry so far is about food and teen pregnancy). I am now watching the Rachel Zoe show (hold on, Im going to go all Running Off the Reese’s here for a second), and wondering how she was able to carry a child. At this thin, how is it even possible to get pregnant? Nevermind growing a child in there!

(picture from

Seriously, she is scary skinny!

I am off to the gym to continue with my reality tv streak. Perhaps I can continue to be snarky about it with my treadmill neighbor! I know, it is March and I am still on the treadmill–but, in my defense, its really cold and windy today. I just got rid of that cold and by gosh I am NOT getting another one!  I will also debate what to make for dinner. Any ideas blogger peeps?


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  1. Okay. I don’t know who Rachel Zoe is. She is a little bony, though I must say.
    I should have brought my kids over to add zest to your Saturday. 🙂 Just a little tinny tiny bit jealous!

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