WordPress relaxes…

Tuesday, WordPress took a day off.  Wednesday, I took a day off.  Fair’s fair.  No, seriously, WP was in read-only mode all Tuesday night, I only had a minor freak out then got on with my life.  Mostly because I was still so sick.  The sniffles were out of control!  Yesterday, I had a lot of meetings…and a RUN!  YEP!

First, I’d like to send a shout out to my immune system, because it is the bomb dot com.  Two days of sniffles and sneezes, two days of 3000mg Vitamin C, and some sleep, and I am as good as new!

No, thats not really how I consumed my Emergen-C, I put it in water! (picture from Google Images!)

I also ran yesterday.  I didnt run at all last week until Sunday, when I did 22 minutes.  My ankle hurt again, so I took Monday/Tuesday off.  Yesterday I headed to the gym at 7pm and ran my little heart out.  I did 30 minute Zone 1, which was way too fast for me to keep up with (I am super recovered from last week off!) and then 10 minutes ZR.  I am heading back over tonight to put some more miles back on my ol’ runners!!

The countdown to our Florida trip is now on!  And my 28th birthday, which I am trying to ignore.  We leave in just about 2 weeks, looking forward to putting in some serious outside miles and hanging out with the crew!


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  1. Florida!?! Lucky Duck! glad you are feeling better- the other day I thought I was getting sick.. but some OJ and 12 hours of sleep did the trick 🙂 I should try that Emergenc-C stuff!
    Sounds like you are super busy- but we should try and meet up again soon! ..and have your PW and my JB meet 🙂

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