Missing the internets!

I have missed my blog this past week!

The combination of a recovery week and an ankle injury (I dropped something heavy on my ankle last week resulting in major pain!) has strayed me from my blog friends!  Have no fear though, because I am back.  I hope you enjoyed the interview with Ethan Brown I put up while I was gone–he is a hoot, right?!  He is even funnier in person!

Due to the injury/crankiness of last week, I am not even going to blog about it–I am going to fast forward straight to the weekend, because it was awesome.  I could not race the infamous half-marathon, because of the aforementioned ankle thing.  But PW could, so on Saturday morning we got up really early for the breakfast.  Here is PWs breakfast!

We then headed to the New England Multisport Expo to work.  I was working at the Fast Splits tent doing retail, and my talented husband worked the TimeTrial, running the computrainers!  It was fun, getting to see all these people we see so rarely (other than at races!) Unfortunately, by the end of the day, I was starting to feel a little sniffly.  (That was foreshadowing, people!)

We got home around 8 (after a mediocre Bertucci’s dinner) and hit the hay immediately!  Up an at ’em early on Sunday to head to Quincy for the half-marathon.  PW had a great race, even though he got lost near the end and lost about 1-1.5 minutes.  He ended up with a 1:16 and second place. I managed a 22 minute run, which was impressive since it hurt to walk that Wednesday!  Here are Andy and him at the start:

(Thats like a creepy paparazzi picture, right?!)


I crashed hard and napped for 3 hours post-race.  PW rode his bike for those 3 hours.  Then it was BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME! His mom made her awesome chicken for dinner, and then we feasted on Funfetti cake.  There are no calories when its your birthday cake, didnt you know that?  That didnt help me though, and I had my fair share!  Happy 26th to my husband!


I started getting more and more rundown at work today, until I was in full-blown cold crisis mode at 1pm.  Sniffles, red eyes, sneezing–the whole shebang.  I headed out early to try and nap it off.  You see, this week is MCAS week throughout the state–no calling for me!  I need to pull it together to be happy and confident for the kiddos tomorrow!


I feel so out of the loop–whats going on with you guys?? Anyone race this weekend?


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