Interview with Pro Triathlete Ethan Brown

So for this weeks interview, we have pro-triathlete and Olympic hopeful Ethan Brown. Ethan and I go back quite a ways, but I will let him explain how in the interview!  He’s a pretty funny guy, so make sure to read the interview all the way through (I definitely ask about his hair later on in the questions!)

1. How did you get into triathlon?

I grew up as one of those crazy age group swimmers who lives to swim, and when I got into high school I became equally obsessed with running. I had always wanted to do triathlons but was too immersed in my swimming/running careers to really commit to it. I went on to run cross country and track at the University of Michigan. While there I spent a majority of my time injured, so finally the summer before my junior year I got in touch with a junior triathlon team (Team Vortex) and did my first few triathlons. Mooseman was my very first one in 2005. I was 20th overall and had the fastest swim and run, but the 130th fastest bike 🙂

2. Where is your favorite place to train? What about favorite place to race?

My favorite place to train is Noosa/Sunshine Coast in Australia. I had the opportunity to train there for a little less than a month last year. It was amazing. Perfectly warm weather, good ocean swimming, and scenic riding/running. All the big names in ITU triathlon go there — you’ll randomly see the Bennetts or Javier Gomez just hanging out around town. Lots of awesome little cafes, too. My favorite place to race would definitely be Hamburg, Germany. The Hamburg Triathlon is one of the biggest in the world, and the pro race attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. There’s nothing like it in the U.S. During the race the noise from the crowd is deafening. As a triathlete there’s not many places where you feel like a superstar, but in Hamburg the atmosphere is absolutely electric!

(pictures taken from facebook!)

3. What songs are on your iPod right now?

I’m mostly a Hip Hip/R&B kinda guy. We’ve got songs by Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Lady GaGa. Lil Wayne makes frequent appearances on my iPod, too.

4. What is your favorite thing to watch on the trainer?

I go through different phases of watching things on the trainer. I would say “Law & Order: SVU” is always an entertaining option that I go back to. For my long rides I try to find movies (all different genres) on Netflix that are at least 2.5 hours to kill most of the time. I went through a phase recently where I was into watching Political Documentaries.

5. What products do you use in your hair to get it to perfect the “bedhead” look?

Finally we’re getting into the important stuff. My hair is in a great place right now. Because I’m swimming ~25k/week in the pool right now outdoors (I’m in FL), the chlorine and sun work to give my hair that perfectly bleached blond look. The chlorine makes my hair so stiff that I really don’t have to use any product in it. However, if I’m going out on a Friday or Saturday (or Thursday or Sunday) night, I go for some extra-hold hair spray to really lock things in.

6. How did you meet awesome ThatRunnerChick?

Well, I met Courtney in the summer of 2006 when we were both working at Fastsplits. Courtney was the most incompetent employee in the Fastsplits family. But then I was hired and brought incompetence to a whole new level. I had the pleasure of being forced to go to Trader Joes to buy flattened bananas for ThatRunnerChick, and I had to watch her cry after she failed her teachers exam (awkward!).

7. Anything you want to add?

Yes. I’m 25 and single, so any interested parties should leave a comment on my blog. Also, follow me on twitter: @EzEBreezy! Thank you for this great opportunity, ThatRunnerChick.

Okay I would like to add that it was the Science Teachers Exam that I failed. And instead of comforting me, Im pretty sure he laughed.  Ummm, AND, take note that I loved flattened bananas even back then!

I have quite a few funny Ethan stories but I will save them for future entries!!


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