Its International Awesome Day

First things first–people, its Pi Day.  I celebrated by having a tiny, unhealthy cherry pie at 1pm (not 1:59 pm).  Id like to send a shout out to all my facebook/twitter friends that sent out Pi Day Lovin’ to their math teacher friend (me) today!

I think someone should buy me this to wear next year:

Next thing:
Had my first blogger meet up today!  Turns out Megan lives just a hopskipandjump from me so we met up for some Panera goodness! I mixed it up today and got the French Onion Soup, sans cheese. Panera, you have failed me with your Chicken Noodle, I will never go back to it!
It was fun to meet another blogger. It turned out we know a couple of the same people.  Bonus: we got to gossip about the neighborhood.  Oh, and she is a triathlete and dog lover!  Expect her to show up on the ol’ blog again!

The next couple days should prove to be crazy. I don’t have to run today OR tomorrow (which is good considering my super bruised ankle, a story for later). Tomorrow, post school activity, I am going to get a haircut. It has been a YEAR since my last hair cut! Then, I am going to stake out somewhere and do some work/blog updating (Does Chipotle have wireless?) before heading to fun night time work activity! No point in driving all the way home, especially when I can take up residence in a delicious foodie heaven!

And for blast from the past (can you tell I was hunting through iPhoto the other day to find my “before” pictures?), here is the first picture PW and I ever took together! It is at the Appleman triathlon, 2005. And why yes, I am wearing a Smiths tshirt. I am too cool for school!

Epic, I know.  (Loved that PowerBar hat he is wearing!  RIP to it!)

I have a fun blogger interview coming up, with a professional triathlete. Stay tuned, I am hoping to post it tomorrow! With a haircut picture 🙂


3 responses

  1. That is a CUTE pic! awwww.
    I was thinking oh, I should find one of Andy and me from back in the day! And then I thought… how old was Courtney when I met Andy? And I figured it out. Winter 1994. You were 11. e.l.e.v.e.n.
    That was my first year teaching sixth grade. You were in sixth grade that year.
    🙂 oh, and hello geeky math teacher! I love the bracelet!! Happy Pi Day!

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