Runs, Surprise for PW’s birthday, etc!

Okay I have been out of blogging commission for a few days here.  To catch up, I am going to start with Thursday’s run.  It was hill bounding.  And I did NOT want to do it.  When I don’t want to run, it is best to just leave me alone to figure it out, as PW has come to learn.  A few foot stomps and tears and whining and I was out the door.  After some mishaps (my Garmin taking 7 minutes to pick up the satellites, then it freezing 8:10 into the run, then it refusing to record pace for the WHOLE RUN), I actually had a pretty good run.  In fact, I was running so fast during the Zone 1 warm-up that I thought it was broken!  I did 6 hills, my cool-down, and came home!  And like usual, I was happy I went.  Because it is true: You Never Regret A Run!

Friday, I was excited for that night….pretty much all day.  It was PW’s birthday!   I had sent out a facebook message earlier in the week inviting 20 of our friends to a dessert bar in Worcester called Allgo’s to celebrate his birthday. They were coming from far and wide–Western MA, Boston, Middleboro. We went to dinner with a couple of our friends at Brew City (of course), and then headed over to Allgo’s–he was totally surprised to see everyone! We had about 18 people and it was really fun. I only took 2 pictures. One of the “boys” (you might recognize two of them as the speedo boys from Lake Placid!)

From left to right, PW, Charlie, Paul, Ryan, and Brian.


And another one of “the board”.  This was made for him by 2 of my coworkers:

All of those equal 26!! It was reversible too…when you flipped it over, one side had a square, and another side had a cube. And he wore it (it’s a sandwich board), so he was in between them.
You see….26 is the only number that is between a square (25) and a cube (27), how original is that!
I, of course, loved this thing and it is now in a safe place for me to laugh at whenever I want!

That brings us to Saturday yesterday. I had a 75 minute run on the schedule. Suited up, and boy was it windy!! Warm enough to run sans gloves though. Oh yeah, and it was AWESOME. I dont want to get ahead of myself, but with it happening on Thursday, and again yesterday: I think I have turned the corner pacewise!

This is the most exciting part of training–when all of a sudden things click and your pace drops considerably while keeping the same (Zone 1) heart rate. Last week: 8:54’s in zone 1 (outside, the treadmill has obviously been faster!). Yesterday–8:30’s!! Today will be the test, I have a 2 hour split run. 60 minutes soon, and then 60 minutes tonight.

We went out to celebrate Jason’s birthday last night…got home at midnight, and then because of the “changing of the clocks”….my iPhone betrayed me and the alarm never went off! Now we are trying to get things (things=workouts) going after a late start!


Anyone racing this weekend?  Did you already do it?  How did it go?

Not me!  Long run this weekend–race next weekend!

Do you have an iPhone?  Did it betray you too with the alarm this morning?


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