By reader request…

I had a couple requests for more “before” photos…so basically, pictures from before I started exercising regularly and following the core. Here are 2, both from 2005/2006 ish.

The first is PW and I on our first vacation to Florida together. He looks fit, I look like I am about to face my death on that run (it felt like it too!):

I just look swollen. I was overweight, and running was a CHORE. There was nothing fun about it. The shorts I am wearing in that picture? The same shorts I wore in my first marathon (yes, I still have them 6 years later):

The other before picture is me working at a triathlon (in Holliston, for you locals!). I bought that Ironman shirt when I took my solo vacation to IM Arizona…but thats a story for another time! I was about 145 pounds here, I think:

Hated that picture! Original weight loss entry (how I did it, other before/after pictures, etc.) can be found here.

Onto the present….had pretty good runs today. First run, there was a killer headwind on the way out (which, of course, happens to be uphill!). That wasnt a big deal, but running downhill, with a tailwind, and trying to get into Zone 2 WAS a big deal! I was booking it, sprinting, just to stay in the zone! Made for a fun run though! I did my second run at the gym. Total time: 2 hours, total miles: 14.2

Holly nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award (thanks Holly!) ย You are supposed to link back to the person who nominated you, and then nominate 7 other people.

I nominate:

Matt (you better repost this, Turbeau ๐Ÿ™‚ )
(I know, thats 8!!)

You are also supposed to put 7 things about you (notice a theme?), I always stink at thinking facts up for that sort of thing! I will try though.

1. My first half-marathon is on Sunday. I have run countless 5k’s, a few 10k’s, a marathon, and an Ultra Relay, but I am the most nervous about this half-marathon. I think it is because I am not good at suffering for long periods of time. Hence why 5k’s are my fave!

2. I love my job, and look forward to going to work. I also enjoy sitting around doing Algebra problems. Hence why the job is a perfect fit. It keeps me young too–I try to keep up with the youngsters!

3. This sounds terrible but–I can watch the news and see things about car accidents/murders and rarely cry (I do feel bad, but it does not bring immediate tears to my eyes). However, show me an animal in pain/bring mistreated–or god forbid, one of those Sarah Mclachlan ASPCA commercials and I cry like a baby. An embarassing amount of tears!

4. I watch way too much reality TV. Anything on Bravo–Real Housewives, Top Chef, anything.

5. I actually like the treadmill. And sometimes prefer it to outside. It keeps me entertained while running. I have a million distractions. Including the tv, my iPod, people watching, and controlling the speed.

6. I went through a very intense Tori Amos stage in high school. Yes, it coincided with my year long goth phase. I still love all those albums I listened to, but never listened to any of her new stuff. She was way ahead of her time!

7. I sit on my couch and laugh like a crazy person (with tears streaming down my face) while reading Damn You Auto Correct. That website can turn any day around. PW used to make fun of me, but then one time I caught him chuckling while on his computer and YEP–he was on DYAC!!!

Okay gals (and guy) I am looking forward to your seven facts!

I am off to try and sleep NOW so this time change thing doesnt mess with me TOO much!


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    • Looking forward to it. Are you doing an Ultra Relay too?!?! Best advice: double runs! For a lot of my long runs I would do 60-90 minutes in the AM and then 60-90 in the PM, on the same day. That what was how the actual race panned out, so it was good prep running on tired legs!

  1. Ahhh those Sarah Mclachlan ASPCA commercials are the worst! My boyfriend knows the second that song comes on the channel needs to be changed or I will start getting teary. The little animal faces are so sad!

    I am also guilty of OD-ing on reality t.v. Once I’m sucked in it doesn’t matter how painful it is to watch, I cannot take my eyes away from RH of OC.

  2. Girl, I feel like I’ll be fevorer fumbling!! And the fumbles always seem to come right when you think you’re really getting it all together!! I’m glad you’re happier now. It’s nice to be able to look back and see how far you’ve come, huh? I like that about blogging too.Cheers to great blog friends!!

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