Too full to stand up!

Yesterday and today have been a little bit out of control.  I was stressed from a work related thing yesterday, and needed my run.  I had 75 minutes on the schedule with 2×15 Zone 2 in the middle.  I got to the YMCA around 7 and hopped on to start running.  I have been having a string of bad runs lately, having issues with my HR monitor strap, and was not looking forward to another run like that.   Thankfully something clicked (perhaps it was me not eating chicken sausage before running?!).


30 min warm up Zone 1, 8:25 pace

15 min Zone 2, 7:50 pace

5 min Zone 1, 8:40 pace

15 min Zone 2, 7:45 pace

10 min Zone 1, 8:40 pace

Total: 75 minutes/a little over 9 miles

I felt much better after that workout, thank you endorphins!  I also fell asleep pretty much immediately after coming home.  I walked in the door, had some endurox and a taco, a shower, then hit the hay!

Today was also pretty hectic, starting with dropping something off at my parents before work, a school day, 3 consecutive meetings until 5:15, then PANERA for a dinner date with Niner, and then the gym!  PW actually came to the gym with me, we both had ZR runs.  Which I am proud to say I averaged an 11:30 pace on.  I take my recovery runs serious–I want to be able to read a book while taking care of business!

On the Panera note…in case you were wondering, I got the French Onion Soup and the Cobb Salad, no egg, cheese and dressing on the side.  Even though their Chicken Noodle is now awful-city, the French Onion has retained its integrity and is still delish!

I have a hill bounding workout tomorrow that I am looking forward to.  Then…Friday is PW’s birthday!  The big 2-6!  We are going to Brew City for dinner to celebrate!

And in case you were wondering…the picture above is actually the second version of that picture.  The first picture had too much clutter for my liking, but Ill show it to you anyways.

Wondering what all that stuff is?  Typical triathlete/runner/teacher/coach stuff.  Including, but not limited to:

-A mass of dog toys
-Algebra Book and Notebook
-Body Fat Calipers
-Random Water Bottle
-Pieces of DryWall
-Foam Roller

(Its like a Where’s Waldo of STUFF!)

And PS I was totally munching on a flattened banana while I type this!


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