Interview with Little Miss Runshine!

Little Miss Runshine, aka Jess, and I decided to do a little runners interview trade for our blogs. Plus, now I can introduce you all to her fun blog! She is a super speedy athlete from Massachusetts!  (Check out the Brooks hat–Brooks love!)

So, without further ado…

1. How did you get into running?

My boyfriend is really into fitness. He had to either run or lift and I felt like a lazy bum when I would just stay in and watch TV while he worked out. I would run part of the distance with him (he would run farther sometimes). I also used to play volleyball in high school and when I got to college, I was looking for a way to stay fit. I would run 3-4 miles maybe 5 days a week. Since I went to school in Boston, I was always inspired to run the Boston Marathon someday. I wanted to start with flatter marathon, so I decided to sign up for Chicago marathon! Then, it was all over. I haven’t stopped running since that first marathon!

2. What is your favorite distance for racing?

My favorite distance for racing is probably the marathon. I like the intense training and seeing my hard work pay off. I don’t like the 5k’s as much because you have to go fast right away. With the longer distances, I can pace myself and end up passing some of those speedsters who passed me in the beginning! However, I do like to try to improve at the shorter distances. They just are more of a challenge for me! The one thing I don’t like with marathons or races in general is that you kind of put “all your eggs in once basket.” If you get injured it can be all over!

3. What is your go-to pre-race dinner?

My go to pre-race dinner is chicken parm! I never want to get anything too creamy or too spicy! I also love to have a sweet of some sort. Maybe a cupcake?!

4. What running shoe do you run in?

I used to run in Saucony Progrid Ride 2, but now I run in Brooks Defyance 3. LOVE THEM! I like a more “road” feel vs. fluffy. I also always need a WIDE shoe! My feet are apparently like flippers and wider in the front than they should be for my ankle size! For my next marathon, I might start to try to incorporate a race shoe.

5. Favorite food/meal in general?

My favorite food/meal in general is probably fruit. I love stawberries. For a week straight, I ate a pound of strawberries a day. When I was little, my dad had a garden, and I would go out an eat them right off the plants before anyone else could get to them. I also love Sour Patch Watermelons and gummy bears. I’m pretty sure gummy bears are a food group. 🙂 OH I also love dark chocolate.

Thanks Jess for letting me interview you!  This was pretty fun.


Is there anyone you (my faithful, fun, awesome) readers would like me to interview?  Anyone I have mentioned on the blog or that is on my blogroll?

Would YOU like to be interviewed?  Totally open to doing some more interview trade-off’s!


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  1. that is so funny! he sent me a facebook message with your blog link in it too! I tried to find your email address on your blog so I can send you where we live! What is it?? totally should go running together sometime, it sounds like we have the same schedule (except you get up 2 hours earlier!)

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