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This morning started like every other morning. I fell out of bed. Started getting ready for school. Put on all my make-up. Walked into the basement to get clothes to wear today (remember I did laundry yesterday!), and stepped into this:

Yep, that is 2 inches of water. Alllll across the floor, effectively soaking everything that was down there. (The white line is a reflection from the fluorescent light)  I called into work, and then got to business moving/washing/drying everything with PW. And yes, that IS my backpack in the above picture, totally soggy 😦 Everything is off the floor now, most of the water has been vac’ed up, and laundry has been done. The water is still coming in though! Guess we have to wait for the snow to finish melting.

The up side to this:
1) Our basement is now clean–we threw away TWO TRASHBAGS of stuff!
2) ALL the laundry in the house is now done. The only things not washed are the clothes on our backs (this is because I left my dirty laundry piles on the floor in front of the washing machine, so washing was necessary and immediate!)

Since it is a rest day, I am now just waiting to finish shop vac’ing up the rest of the water down there. Oh, and updating my blog. I figured this would be a good time to answer a FormSpring question I got!
It was a great (2 part) question, considering how much I talk about running here on the ol’ blog.

1) How did you get started running?

I played soccer in middle and high school, but stopped my Junior year. I had some sort of aerobic base, but not much. One day I just put on some running shoes and tried to go out for a run. I made it 5 minutes out, stopped to catch my breath, and then ran 5 minutes back. I started driving to a local cemetary (up the road from my parents house) and running there almost daily, getting a little further each time. Eventually I started running with my father, who would motivate me. I remember being SO EXCITED to run 5 miles! I couldnt believe I had. I started running a lot more when I started dating PW, and when he hooked up with QT2 Systems it was all over! Since then I have been running consistently, ran my first ultra relay, did my first (and other) triathlons, and ran a marathon!

2) How does your coachusband determine how long you run each week/day?

That is a good term for PW! A Coachusband.
PW works for QT2 Systems as a coach. They have a very scientific way of coaching (hence the name: Quantitative Triathlon Training). Every season, I pick out my “A” race, and PW then puts together a histogram for my training (last year it was the Bay State Marathon, this year it is the Reach the Beach Relay in May, and then the Bay State Marathon in October again).  Each week I have a total volume of miles to hit, and over the season the training blocks vary. In the winter, all the miles are Zone 1, with some recovery runs. I am currently in a block (18 weeks into training) that has hill bounding and speedwork, so I have those workouts interspersed with recovery runs. Long runs are always on Sundays, and over the last 4 months, I have built that up slowly! As someone who likes math/science, I appreciate the formulas and structure to it. I can also appreciate how QT2 Systems has come to fruition with this way of coaching, having watched the company develop since the beginning. The owner, Jesse, is an engineer and spent years and years documenting his training/diet, as well as doing endless research. It has never disappointed me or PW in our training/races!

On that note, since the post I wrote about it is from 10 months ago…Jesse was also the catalyst in how I lost 50 pounds.  He developed something called The Core Diet, I wrote an entry about it here with before and after pictures!

And with that, I am going to start lunch! Since I am home, I can have a little bit of a “gourmet lunch” (ie NOT a turkey wrap!) with baked chicken to brighten my soggy day!!

Check back in this afternoon for an interview with Jess!


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