Daily Photo Journal Day 5

Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory

Our wedding!  For those of you new to the blog, PW and I eloped in Kona, Hawaii the first year he raced the IM World Championships (2009)!

Now, let’s talk about yesterday.  Work was great.  Post-work, I was supposed to do a 35 minute recovery run.  I brought all my stuff with me but did NOT want to go.  I texted PW to try and get him give me permission to skip it.  You know what he texted back? “CertainGoalMarathonTimeHeHasForME doesnt JUST HAPPEN!”

And with that I donned my tights and craft shirt, and headed out for that run.  I was so sore from the 90 minute run Thursday night (which I barely survived due to the chicken sausage and potatoes I ate before running–major issues!)  I was happy I did it though, I felt infinitely less guilty when I had that Funfetti cupcake last night!

Post run, I headed to Panera.  I got the “New Recipe” Chicken Noodle Soup.  Word to the wise: Do Not Get This!  I had half and my fingers and belly immediately swelled up due to the amount of sodium.  I do not know if I am supersensitive to sodium or what, but it stinks.  The old recipe tasted better, but the new one is all-natural.  I googled the amount of sodium after and found it on the Panera Nutrition Site found here1450mg sodium!!!!!  I am still feeling it this morning!

Helped with the school event after that, and stayed there until 10ish.  It was really fun, plus I think its really important to be at out-of-school events with our students.  Not only for you to see them be something other than serious and studious in class (and see how funny they can be!), but also so they know you care about them/support them in LIFE not just in your classroom!  Okay off my soapbox 🙂

I crashed hard when we got home, and just woke up around 9.  I needed some serious recovery sleep.  Not from running, just from living!  It has been a crazy week!  Now I am sipping my coffee, and cooking a bagel in anticipation of breakfast.  Bagels are the best part of running I think!

I have 75 minutes on tap…It is supposed to be 46 today so I think I will wait until it gets a little warmer out.  AND try and rehydrate from that Chicken Soup Incident (as I will call it from now on) from last night!


Whats your favorite thing to order at Panera?

Mine is any kind of soup.  Their Baked Potato and Chicken and Wild Rice are my favorites, but they are just treats!


6 responses

  1. “CertainGoalMarathonTimeHeHasForME doesnt JUST HAPPEN!” — I love how secretive you are muahah

    That is really great motivation though you are very lucky to have such an awesome hub in your life!! Plus (I want to see more pics obv) but your wedding looks like it was GORG!

  2. I tried the new chicken noodle soup yesterday too and was NOT a fan. I only ate a few bites and then pushed the rest away. They are famous for changing their recipes (they used to use pulled chicken in their paninis but now use sliced chicken and it’s just not the same). I don’t like Panera as much as I used to, but I still do like the tomato soup.

  3. It is gorgeous out! Okay.. not gorgeous. It is MARCH ugly, but it is warm. You can run in shorts! It’s amazing!
    Panera… hmmm. I used to like their southwest chicken salad, but I must admit I have been less into itlately. I do like that crusty bread they serve with just about everything. And I bet you’ve not tried their mac and cheese for kids. It’s like 5000 calories per bite and SO GOOD.

    I love Pat’s comment! hahaha! And that is such a nice picture. I just get depressed when I look at our wedding pics b/c we both look so YOUNG… sigh.

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