Busy Day!

First off, I would like to show you my “work food” for today. This was my lunch and post work snack (for the drive home):

Missing: The other sandwich roll! I ate it during my break because I was so hungry. They are Joseph’s Tortillas stuffed with turkey and lettuce. Also missing: an unsweetened applesauce I also had during my break! I then had my HoneyMilk at the end of school to tide me over until…now!

Here is one of my coworkers lunches, super healthy, look at all the heart-healthy colors!



One of my favorite days of the year is today–I picked up our taxes after work! They are all ready to be mailed in, and then I will be impatiently waiting for the government to send us our checks!!

Post tax retrieving, I went to the grocery store right by my Grandma’s house, Hannaford. We don’t have any of those near our house, which is a bummer because our grocery staples are so cheap there! I took advantage of being there and stocked up on my favorite Hannaford groceries–$1.00 Chobani and $3.89 Naturally More Peanut Butter! Also in there: Joseph’s LowCarb Lavash Bread, Red Pepper, Oranges, and Chicken Sausage! Everything in this cart was on sale–yes, I really did buy 30 yogurts!



Now I am making a light dinner to eat before going to the gym. Spinach/feta chicken sausage, grilled up on the stove (these are so good and so low fat. Natures Promise brand I think?) and roasted potatoes. YUM!
Check out what I found in our bag of spinach when trying to cut some up to cook:

A small tree in our spinach. So random! I definitely accidentally started to saw through it when cutting up the ‘nach!

Post eats, I am running 90 minutes at the gym with 2×15 minutes hard. Trying to get a good workout tonight because tomorrow is a recovery day! Hope y’all are having a good day too! Hope to post again tonight with Day 5 of the Daily Photo Journal…\


What did you have for lunch today?

Have you ever had Honey Milk?


9 responses

  1. Those grapes are super green & look yummy.
    I have tried Honey Milk & Love it but my stomach can’t digest it even though it has lactase… I have to stick w. non-dairy/non-whey, such is life

    • That is too bad, its delish! Pretty happy they have a light version too so its not like a meal replacement!! And yes the grapes did look great, I wanted to try them but he really likes lunch, haha 🙂

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